Monochrome Nail Tutorial

Monochrome Nail tutorial

A timeless and flattering combination colour of black and white. Here are some easy way to start with the latest trend of monochrome !

What you need ? 
1.Top coat ( butter london from sephora)
2. Base coat (butter london from sephora)
3.white nail polish (polka dot by splassh no.25 got this from bagoflove /sasa outlet ) 
4. black nail polish (no brand, local beauty store)
5. Cracked nail polish (Anna sui cracked nail polish no. 003)
6.Nail polish remover (sally hansen moisturizing polish remover from sasa)
8. ballpoint (for dotting tool)
9. cotton bud for cleaning purpose. 

7. Nail art pen (Naga nail art pen black and white , you can get it from sasa)