RMK 2013 Summer and New Collection Preview

Hello everyone, 
Do you familiar with RMK makeup or skincare line? If you are not, then you definitely need to check them out, especially if you prefer for Dewy natural glowing translucent skin, their products work wonders to create the look that you dream of. 

“To me, make-up is about making you feel happier, sexier and fresher. It’s not something that masks your natural skin. It exists as a factor to bring out the beauty within you”.
Founded in March 1997 by RUMIKO, the renowned Japanese Make-up Artist based in New York, RMK is a chic cosmetics brand which caters to the needs and desires of today’s modern woman.
If you are new to RMK, here are some quick intro:-
Recently there come out Summer Collection, and my favourite would be the gorgeous eyeshadow pigment. They really gonna make your eyes look "WOW". The duo eye palettes come in paired with pearlescent shiny powders to enhance the original colour. You can create stunning shimmery eyes with RMK Ingenious W Powder Eyes. 

RMK Ingenious W Powder Eyes EX-01 Gold (limited edition)

RMK Ingenious W Powder Eyes 01 Green
RMK Ingenious W Powder Eyes 02 Brown

RMK Ingenious W Powder Eyes 03 Purple

RMK Ingenious W Powder Eyes 04 Gray
Next for summer collection, there are 3 seasonal limited edition blusher. They come in 3 shades with a tint of pearlescent particles to add a healthy summer glow to your complexion.
Seasonal limited edition
Ex-04 Pink Gold, Ex-05 Orange Gold, Ex-06 Brown Gold

Pucker up ladies, 4 jewelled lipgloss colour to complete the fresh faced look of the season. They come in 4 shades, Pink Gold, health orange gold, gorgeous clear gold and the chic beige gold for the naturally moist lips look. These lipgloss are formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to keep your lips moisturized even during hot summer months. 
Seasonal limited edition
Ex-04 Pink Gold , Ex-05 Orange Gold, Ex-06 Clear Gold , Ex-07 Beige Gold
New collection from RMK, a range of makeup base is one of the Key to RMk's signature natural glowing skin, is to prime, moisturise and enhance the perfect fit of foundation to the skin. 
RMK Control Colour UV comes with spf 30PA++. You can choose 3 different shade, each shade give a different finish. Its serum-like texture blends into skin, filtering light away from irregularities of tone or pores with counter-tone colours, and revealing an instantly balanced tone and delicate sheen of your natural complexion. 
shade 01- silver to add natural inner glowing sheen
shade 02 - pink for delicate feminine glow
shade03- coral to add a healthy bright glow. 
shade 03

shade 01 

Another New product for new collection, RMK super basic liquid concealer in two new shade. Shade EX-02 is for alleviate appearance of dark circles under the eyes and EX-03 to counter redness around the nose and add translucency to the one.

shade EX-02 

shade EX-03
During the preview, I have the opportunity to learn few tips and tricks from RMK's makeup artist from Japan to create a better flawless makeup look. And i also receive RMK products, and currently i've been using them for my everyday look. So stay tuned for my next product review :) 
The makeup artist all the from japan, to demonstrate how to create a flawless and fresh makeup look for summer !! 
If you want to learn more about RMK make up, you can attend RMK workshop with japanese make-up artist MR.TORU NOBAYASHI 12 July - 14 July at Isetan KLCC. 
RMK Makeup workshop with Japanese Makeup artisr Mr.Toru Kobayashi
Date: 12 July (Fri) - 14 July (sun)
Time: 11am- 1230pm, 230pm- 4pm, 430pm-6pm, 630om-8pm
Venue: RMK Isetan KLCC
Registration fee:RM 100 (fully redeemable fro Rmk products)
Call : 012 3458192 to make appointment today !
Early bird special: 1st 50 RSVP customers will receive a special sample kit*
Ps: receive an exclusive 4pc gift from 5th - 14th July when you pruchase Rm380 on RMK products.