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Hello friend, 
Thelilacbox invited me the Cosmobeauté- SIMONE MAHLER Exhibition booth. I have the opportunity to experience Facial treatment from Simone Mahler's training manager France, Ms. Arielle Girault using the advance Actilift 3S machine and Simone MAHLER's best seller, EGF-REPAIRLIFT  anti wrinkles professional treatment. 
After the EGF-Repairlift facial treatment, everyone around me that is watching the whole process just amazed on the result. I never experience with such treatment before, where my skin looks supple, firmer and brighter after the treatment.  I'm impressed with Simone MAHLER treatment, their combination of skill, product and tool to achieve the best treatment for every skin. Unfortunately, Actilift 3S machine is still not available in Malaysia. Currently EGF-Repairlift treatment,whitening treatment, micro-dermabrasion treatment and Hydraluron.  Which treatment is suitable for you? No worry at all, the beautician will check your skin and according to your skin condition they will recommend the best treatment for you. I highly recommended Simone MAHLER. I might go for Hydraluron next month, i will be blogging about it, so stay tuned. 

About The company
Simone Mahler is a professional Dermo-Cosmetics brand. It is a subsidiary of Sothys International S.A.S Group, the brand has a strong standing at international level and finally made its debut into Malaysia Market. 


Contains Matrikines and Myrtle extract, an extract of carob and myrtle extract, which helps to stimulate the synthesis of growth factors cell to regenerate skin, slowing degeneration of collagen and prolong the life span of the cells. It is designed for a smooth, regenerated and visibly younger skin. Its overall anti-age can significantly reduce on the number and depth of wrinkles

- with the EGF (epidermal Growth Factors) compound 11% that prolongs the lifespan of cells and improves their metabolism. 

-Botox like effect on visible expression line(Argireline)

-Immediate and persistent moisturizing effect (protective moisturising compound)

 My experience Experience with The EGF- Repairlift &Actilift 3S machine

(photo by jennifer)

From the top left :
1. removing makeup using Demaquillant waterproof eye remover
2. Apply Toner to neutralise the damaging effects of water with TONIC BLEU
3. Using Actilift 3s machine - Soft peeling- vibration spatula to prepare the skin /brighten/ exfoliate
4. Prep my skin with warm towel 
(photo by jennifer)
From Top left: 
5. Applying EGF-Repairlift Serum(anti-wrinkle regenerating serum) & Massaging my face including pinching movement (this is so relaxing and i literally sleeping but keep myself awake before i'm the model of the day)

6. Ms. Arielle brush on layer of EGF- Repairlift Crème on top of the mask for the next step using Actilift 3S machine. 

(photo by jennifer)
Professional use only
(photo by jennifer)

Using Actilift 3S machine
to Immediate firming effect
skin more supple, toned
lasting result for weeks

The result:
(photo by Jennifer)
What do you think ? Firmer, soft and supple right ?? Do you want to try it too ? 

What treatments are available in Malaysia - 
Whitening Treatment 
Micro-dermabrasion Treatment 


Where can you get SIMONE MAHLER TREATMENT  ? 

NaNa De Beaute Secret
89-1, Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1
Laman Rimbunan
52100  Kepong
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 012-833 8831 (Sabrina)

J & K De Beaute Slimming House 
               No : 3, Jalan Riong
               Off Jalan Maarof
               59100 Bangsar
               Kuala Lumpur
               Tel : 03-2283 1678

More info, please contact 

Simone Mahler Malaysia Exclusive Distributor