Second date with BABOR- skincare workshop

Hello beautiful,

I attended Babor workshop as a courtesy of Thelilacbox.The workshop was held at Pavillion Redbox. I learned a lot more about Babor skincare product and some tips how to do your skincare routine. All thanks to Thelilacbox and Babor Malaysia team for this workshop. I'm going to share what i learned on that day and my first impression review on the product :) 

Get to know this brand : 
Our trainer for the day , CINDY 
Products that i use in the workshop

The most important Daily skincare routine step is to clean and remove impurities.
There are two product for the cleansing steps. 

a. HY-OL ( Deep cleansing) 
Take few pumps and then apply it all over the face with circular motion, it will remove dirt and makeup. Then add some water and do another round of circular motion on your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin until it become milky emulsion. 

Personally, it doesn't make my skin feel tight after my first use, although the product is a oil based product. It does not contain paraben which is great. It can also removed my eye makeup without irritate my eyes. It has peanut oil, i'm not sure if allergic to peanut can use this or not. 

b. Phytoactive Base
A vitalising herbal extract Must be used in conjunction with Hy-OL

Cleansing circular motion 

Why scrub ? To remove dead skin cell, to brighten up the skin, only once or twice a week is enough :)

Mild peeling
The product come with finely ground, rounded peach kernels

How to use it? 
Remember to use when your face is wet, add a little bit of water if it's dry up during your gentle circular motion. 

The scrub is a bit rough, so you need to put more water while working on you skin. I'm not a fan of scrub with granules.  If you do like that feeling, this might the one :) 

Once or twice a week we need to pamper our skin and rejuvenate your skin :) 

Intens comfort cream mask 
A rich cream mask for a smooth and supple skin. Good for dry skin. 

How to use it?
Apply a generous amount to cover up the whole face start from your chin moving upwards with one stroke then continue covering up the whole face( not circular motion), and leave for 15 minutes. 

I like the smell of this mask, it's a cream type mask. I think this is the first time that i ever tried a cream type mask. While the mask is on, i did feel a cooling sensation. So i think this mask suitable for pampering night after long day of working hard. It can rejuvenate your skin. 

Daily Skincare steps with Babor product: (after cleansing)

Spa thermal spray
Can be use for both face and body. Rich in mineral to promotes healthy, younger-looking skin for a revitalized appearance. Aloe Vera replenishes the skin with moisture while soothing the redness and inflammation.

How to use it ? 
Just spray it all over the face after cleansing.Can use it throughout the day :)

I like the smell of this product, it smell lovely fresh. After i spray it on my face, I feel calm and refreshing. 

HSR lifting extra firming eye cream 
If you have found fine lines, even wrinkle around your eye area better get yourself a Firming eye cream so that you won't look tired and old. This eye cream claimed to be highly effective anti-wrinkle eye cream gives the delicate skin around the eye area more elasticity. 

How to use it ?
Take just a small amount, use it right after toner and also remember to use your ring finger.

I tried this on, it's a cream type. It is a quick absorb product to the skin. At first i thought it would be oily, but not at all. I can see it actually moisturised my eye area.
 I can't use anything oily around my eyes because i have tiny oil seed which is hard to remove. If you have the same problem and most of product that help with firming is in cream type, you can use it during the day ( try not to use a lot, just a few dot around the eye) and night time while sleeping you can use a gel type :)

this a miniature product.

Hydra Plus Active Fluids
This is an Ampoule. It work wonders, this rapid thirst -quencher supplies intensive moisture and creates a protective film, binding the moisture in the skin with a long-lsasting effect. It leaves the skin looking smooth and fresh, dryness lines disappear. 

How to use it ? 
Break the cap of this bottle, and then finish all the fluid per usage. Pour them on your palm and do a lifting motion, from chin to ear, from cheek to temple, the forehead to temple. 

This small bottle of hydra plus ampoule can instantly let my skin hydrate and moisturised without any oiliness feeling. RENEW the skin :)


Advanced Biogen Mimical control cream
This bad boy here is actually a light moisturizing cream to reduce expression line. It can loosen the micro-tensions in the skin and visibly reduces expression line.

When I first see this product, I was excited because my mom always told me not to do my expression so obvious because it can cause to deep line on my face. But now this mimic control cream can help me to reduce my expression line. I can feel my skin become smoother after applying this on, maybe that's how it makes the expression line become visibly smooth out.  I did an experiment on my feet where my dry skin with lots fine lines, I notice that they plumped up.

can you see the difference ? 



High Protection Sun spray Spf30

It can be used for sensitive skin. Lightweight texture and not too oily. I'm not sure what's the PA level. The packaging come with a spray head, to easily spray all over the body and rub them.

Overall, my most favourited products were their FLUID and the MIMIC CONTROL CREAM. I will put them in my wish list. And from this workshop i learned technique on how to apply skincare with the right steps and also circular motion only for cleansing and scrubbing (not for applying skincare product).
If you would like to attend this kind of workshop in the future, be a subscriber to thelilacbox and stay tuned to their fb page, they will be posting giveaways, workshop for their subscriber. 

Have you tried this brand yet ? Which one is you favourite ? Share with me your experience with BABOR. 

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