Hello September, My mini update

Hi everyone,
One of the reason why am i so excited for September is that I'm back blogging. I took a short break on August so that I can rearrange my time for blogging, study, my life and my dogs. I'm glad and happy to get back to blogging. My update : 
1. I'm a Pescatarian 
PESCATARIAN : one whose diet includes fish but no other meat.
2. Movies that i've watched
My ratings for : 
1. The Millers - comedy movie, i can't stop laughing watching this movie. Not recommended for 18 and below :) 7/10 
2. Kiss Ass 2 , action movie, I love Hit girl !! 
She is cute and petite but don't underestimate her ability! ( ehem, like me ) 6.5/10
3. The mortal instrument- City of Bones, I love this movie simply because of the awesome super power they have and I wish I have the power too.Can't wait for the next part. Have you read the book yet ? 8/10
I got my power ! Every symbol has meaning. I think i got love and angelic power. 
3. Went to a party with girlfriends @ Poppy garden The shameless Party 
Thanks for the invite Corset me 
4. Change my hair colour by Hikky @ mont kiara 76 saloon
5. New exercise equipment