Mini beauty haul from

Hello beautiful,
Last friday,  i was so hanging out with my computer and it was late night, and you know what happened next ? I was actually checking out from and i bought some goodies. And the best thing is that i received my parcel on Tuesday, I was so surprised when i received it because i didn't expect that it came so fast. I can't wait to share with you guys what i got from is where you can buy Real techniques makeup brush from Samantha Chapman, Ecotools products, Elf cosmetic, physician formula makeup products. The price plus shipping is MUCH CHEAPER than it was selling here in Malaysia. 
The shipping fee is only $4 (Rm12) using Global Priority Mail by DHL 
or $8 (RM24) DHL Express- International. 
I tried both shipping method and i was really impressed with the DHL express which is super fast within 5 days. But if you want the cheaper shipping rate, it is actually worth it and it come within 10 -12 days . 
So in this post, i will do a full review on each product.I will do a review for all the products soon after i tried them out:) 
I haven't tried eyelashes from Ecotools. This is my first time buying it. For Rm14 you going to get a pair lashes , glue and also a bamboo tool. I think this is a great deal but i wasn't sure if it is comfortable to wear, i will let you guys know once i try them out. 

$4.40 ( approximately Rm14.19)
come with a pair of lashes, glue and dual ended bamboo tool. 

It is hard for me to fall in sleep if my room is not dark, usually i will cover my whole face with my blanket. I have my sleeping mask but i think i left it at my parents house so it's been a while since i have my good sleep. I saw a lot of good review on this sleeping mask, so i wanna try it out myself. If it is really the Relaxing Sleep mask. Any good sleep mask recommendation for me ? 

Ecotools relaxing sleeping mask 
$3.35 (approximately Rm10.80)

 I never get enough with makeup brush, i can't help myself from buying them. One of the reason why i need so much brush is that i always run out of clean brush, so i need to to stock them up ! This brand i affortable and the brush is so soft that it can be compare to my much expensive brush.

EcoTools, Six Piece Essential Eye Set, 5 Brushes, 1 Travel Bag

$7.22 (approximately RM23.28)
come with 5 eyeshadow bush 

              Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set, 5 Brushes + Case

$17.99 (approximately RM55.70)
come with : 
5 full sized brush and case 

  Shopping here :

Use coupon code JUQ379 for up to $10.00 off your first order.

Have you tried any of my purchase before ? Any recommendation for good makeup brush, eyelashes, or sleeping mask ?