Quick simple makeover with Contact lens

Hi beautiful, 
Today I wanna share a tutorial on how to get a simple makeover with colour contact lenses. To let you look different than your usual look.
You will need a pair of Colour contact lenses. I think it will change your look instantly because obviously you've been having the same eye colour for so many years. Once its change you will create a lot of different look with it.
I think the easiest way to buy Contact lens is through online. 
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I choose Freshkon because I've been using this brand for the longest time ever.

From top left:
1. apply colour tattoo as a base until your crease
2. apply lighter shadow all over your eyelid until crease
3. apply half of the eyelid with darker shade - blend blend blend, make sure no harsh line
4. apply darker shade along lower lash line
1. Line your eye with eyeliner - practice makes perfect
2. apply few coat of mascara - stay tuned for my rocket me mascara
3. apply blusher to the apple of your cheek, remember the tips is to SMILE
3. apply lipgloss for kissable lips

Products i used:
Maybelline hyper sharp liner
Maybelline colour tattoo - tough as taupe
Maybelline Rocket me mascara
maybelline eyeshadow palette - GD-1
Nyx blusher - Pinky
Dejavu lasting fine - black

So what do you think of colour contact lens will change your " face of the day "?
Let me know what is your favourite contact lens?