Review Biore pore pack limited edition sweet floral fragrance

Hi beautiful friends, 

I think we all have the same problem where blackheads hard to remove permanently. So far, they are no cure just prevention. As long as you clean well, eat well, sleep well and it probably go away for a while, but once you have a crazy life where you sleep late eat not so healthy, it will come again ! And I forget mention about the pollution. There is a lot of factors. I think we always have that love hate relationship where it's kinda fun when you squeeze it out but it is gross when it is all over your nose. So I probably get back to my review on this pore strip. I went to guardian and I saw this cute Biore nose pack, and it come with sweet floral scent which was attracting me to buy it.

Name of product : Biore pore pack sweet floral fragrance - black strip
Quantity : 10 strips 
Price: Rm10.98
Available : Guardian 
Outside malaysia : ebay

The packaging : 

Not much of blackheads, sad :( blackheads still obviously on my nose

- The packaging is so cute, it is nice to give as a gift.  
-It cover my nose perfectly 
-It smell pleasantly and kinda relaxing.
- Doesn't feel hurt when peeling off . 

- doesn't clean or peel off everything 
- my nose feel itchy for an hour  after peel off

Overall, It doesn't give me the result that it claim on the box - removes blackhead effectively. Because I was hoping it can clear more of my blackheads. But I love the smell of it, usually other pore strips they just smell awful. 

My rank : B- 

What is favourite nose strip ? What other method you usually do to remove your blackheads?