Stay connected while travelling abroad with DIGI


What is your must have while travelling abroad ? 
My must have is a Smartphone with DiGi unlimited Internet roaming, I can update my travel experience instantly through Instagram or Facebook. Beside that, with my data roaming I can receive messages and even make a phone call for free. I can also access to Google map to look for directions. 

Why DIGI ?


Data usage of 3MB and above will be charge 
at a FLAT RATE (daily max cap) of Rm32/ Rm36/RM56 per day

If data usage less than 3MB will be charged at : 
Rm10.66/MB with 10kb charging block for Rm32/day
Rm12/MB with 10kb chraging block for RM36/day
RM18.66/mb with 10kb charging block for Rm56/day

Charges for different country:
Daily Max cap of RM32
Daily max cap of Rm36
Daily Max cap of Rm56
Example Data usage for 1MB :
Based on picture size of 60kb can upload up to 15 pictures/
Based on 1kb per message, about 1000messages( without attachment) can be sent/received via Whatsapp.

With Digi unlimited internet data roaming, you don't have to worry about bill shocking because if you are not a heavy data user, they will only charge as per usage. If you are a heavy user then Digi will only charge you maximum of as low as Rm32/day / Rm36/day / RM56/day depending on the country. 
Click HERE to find out the charges for different country. 

Travelling is more fun with DIGI unlimited internet roaming !!