Xixili Pink Fantabulous Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello Beautiful Ladies, 
I was invited to the Xixili pink fantabulous -Hi tea Party, it was a breast cancer awareness event held by XIXILI community project "Love my life". Xixili believe that EDUCATION BEGINS FROM HOME, so they funded breast health screening test and a breast cancer awareness talk, and a breast self-examination(BSE) workshop for all their lady employees. This educational series is partnership with Breast Cancer Welfare Association(BCWA)  and Pantai Hospital, in conjuction with PINK OCTOBER MONTH. 
Xixili community project "Love My Life" has taken on an educational angle. It is run in three-series: Firstly, they want to raise awareness among themselves and educate their workforce; secondly, they want to inspire the youth and younger ladies by educating them about breast health screenings, in conjunction with Pink october Month. 

How to Breast Self Exam ??

I out of 20 malaysian women are affected by Breast Cancer. We need to take action to fight against Breast Cancer. We need to do Breast Self Exam Once a month, 7-10 days from the first day of your period. Or if you are no longer menstruating, choose the same day every month. Seek for medical help if you notice unusual difference in size, shape, texture and colour. 

from :http://positivemed.com/2012/12/03/breast-self-exam-tips/breast-self-exam/
This lady here is a breast cancer survivor, and she is here to share her story. She did her Breast self exam every month and that's how she discovered the lump and early detection save her life. She is bringing a message to everyone that BREAST SELF EXAM is so important that can save your life. 
So Ladies, let's celebrate the upcoming month of October ( The month of Pink). 
Let's share Breast Cancer Awareness to our friends and family ! 
Remember that Early detection is the key to save your breast and your life.
More photos at the event: 
The crowd
Modelling XIXILI pink Sleeping wear
It's me, trying to learn on how to do Breast Self Exam(BSE), She is trying to let me know on how much level of pressure should i put on my breast while doing my BSE. 
Thank you Xixili for this event ! 

Video for the hi tea party 

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