Cellact facial treatment at Bandar Puteri Puchong review

Hello beautiful,
Do you go for a facial treatment ? Give yourself a time to relax and being taken care by professional. Having a facial treatment is a way of pampering, because it relaxed me, clearing impurities of skin and rejuvenate my skin. And I love massaging, face massage and shoulder massage is included in a facial treatment as well. But in order to get a relaxing facial moment, I need an experienced beauty therapist with good skill. A good environment is another must have for a facial treatment provider. 
Today I wanna share my experience having my facial treatment from CellAct Bandar Puteri Puchong outlet. I received a call from Cellact Puteri Puchong, and they are giving me a free facial for their anniversary celebration. This is basically personal sharing and 100% honest review for everyone who might wanna try out CellAct facial treatment.
This outlet is simple and clean. When i arrived, they asked me to change my shoes to in-house slippers, I waited for a while for them to get ready a customer profile for me to filled up and also my skin analysis to determine what facial treatment I should do. I saw a customer with a big smile on her face leaving, so I have a good feeling that I will enjoy my facial.
My therapist for that day, her name is Sandra Lim, she is a chinese mix india (if i'm not mistaken) She can speak fluent english, chinese, Malay and Indian. The other therapist is Indian. I don't know how many therapist available in this outlet.

The waiting Area. 
Small corner here with a glass table and a skin analysis will be done for every customer.

After the therapist did a skin analysis on my face, she told me that I have blackheads deep inside without the head popping out and also uneven skin tone because I have dehydrated skin. So she will be  doing a fruity fresh facial for me. She explained that I have some blackheads that is half out, the other part is still deep inside the pore. (busted from squeezing my own blackheads) After explaining what treatment she will do, then she brought me to my room. 

The room is in pink colour.  The room temperature is comfortable, there is an air-cond in each room. Simple room with a basin, facial bed and also facial equipment. There is a hanger to hang your clothes to the wall, and a box to put your stuff on the floor. They put a relaxing music while I'm enjoying my facial treatment.

I didn't take any photo while I'm having my facial because I want to relax. No doubt that she has the skill, she can control the strength of her hand while performing cleansing , extraction and also massaging. I was so impressed that I didn't experience painful extraction moment, I think her finger is so chubby and also she got the skill to do extract my stubborn blackheads. She managed to show me my blackhead that is a shape of big teardrop( yucks). Before she dis the extraction, she let me sleep with a mask for 15 minute to kinda soften my skin so that she can do the extraction easily. There is no steamer process. The facial treatment consist both machine and face drainage massage to let my skin glowing. After the treatment, she also recommended me one product for my skin condition, especially for my dehydrated skin. 

The whole process : 
  1. Head massage
  2. removing makeup
  3.  cleansing 
  4. put a paper mask for 15 minutes ( i'm not sure what mask ) 
  5. Extractions
  6.  using machine with cold treatment to let the gel type product( am not sure what is it) penetrate in my skin
  7. facial massage and shoulder massage
  8.  Another liquid mask 
  9. cleansing , toner and moisturizer with spf
Glowing skin :) 

Overall, I would recommend you to try out Cellact Facial. I like the therapist, I enjoyed my facial treatment, I walk in with dull face and blackheads problem, I go home with glowing skin, happy mood and clear skin. She didn't chitchatting with me, she let me sleep and just enjoy the facial treatment. Beside that, I didn't experience any hard sell from her. If you are looking for more environmentally relaxing place, this might not be the place you go, because the whole facial room is just too simple, no fancy decoration.

There is a trial package for RM88 only. Including facial and massage. 

ps:I bought a cream for my dehydrated skin, currently using them and i will write a review on it too. 

You can check out their fb page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CellAct-Puchong/145612682187935
Have you try out Cellact facial treatment before ? Any other facial salon that you want me to try out ? 
If you have any other question, please let know at the comment down below.