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MCU CLINIC is a sister company of MARY CHIA Lifestyles and wellness centre. 

Hello beautiful, 
Last saturday, I was invited by MIVVA BEAUTY BOX to attend an event exclusive for blogger to get to know about Aesthetic treatment. Two doctors from MCU CLINIC giving a workshop on what makes a balanced harmonised face including a live demonstration on a volunteer for Nose fillers.

In this event, Doctors are going to talk about NON-Surgical aesthetic procedures for example Injections of Botox and Injections of hyaluronic acid and other fillers. And the other part is about double Suture & twist (DST), an innovative "scarless" double eyelids creation technique invented by Dr. Akihiro Minami(renowned plastic surgeonin Japan).

Dr. Nicholas try to make us understand on "Why Beauty is important almost for everyone?" It's not just about the face, almost everything around us (physically). Let's put inner beauty aside for now. Have you heard of the GOLDEN RATIO ? This is really exciting because everything fall under this ratio is the basis of most people use in determining what they perceive to be beautiful. In a conclusion, things that are symmetrical most probably is beautiful.

Dr. Nicholas
Personally I can't look myself in the mirror too long because I will start do measurement, and try to adjust my face, for example, my eyes - I want both my eyes are the same size, then my nose i want it to be straight a bit, continue my most concern part is my mouth because there is a gap between both lips, lastly my both left and right side face is not symmetrical. I'm not complaining, but it become natural for me to observe my face like that and luckily people invented makeup, I can do some magic on my face- shading, highlight and so on.

But another way to make our face symmetrical, is to go for  Aesthetic treatment. To make your nose, eyes, chin, jawline sharper. This shows longer result, other than makeup which when you take it off it disappear. In just 10 minutes procedure consisting of few tiny injections you will get much higher nose, slimmer jaw, laugh lines disappear and a lot more.

Let see the Nose filler demonstration :

The volunteer told us that the pain is only last for 1 to 2 second from the first injection then the whole nose is numb so is not painful at all. 

Left before nose filler,
right after nose filler. 

Filler can restores a natural, youthful appearance, immediately and over time. Hyaluronic acid filers are generally biocompitable, which means allergy skin testing is not required prior to treatment.
There are temporary fillers lasted up to a year, semi-permanent filler lasted up to 18 months and permanent filler lasted up to 3-5 years. Area for filler injection include:

  • worry lines
  • glabella wrinkles
  • cheek augmentation
  • nosalabia folds 
  • laugh lines 
  • lines arounf th emouth
  • lip augmentation, contour correction
  • chin augmentation

Beside that Botox, a purified protein complex derived from the bacterium clostridium botulinum. it works by blocking transmission of acetylcholine impulses to injected muscles.
Area for botox injection include:

  • forehead lines
  • nose line
  • glabellar frown lines
  • crow's feet 
  • pre tarsal(orbicular)
  • masseter hypertrophy(square jaw)

Dr. David Low

So if your eyes are bigger then you can somehow see clearly ? (just kidding)
I have double eyelid, and i love seeing people with single eyelid because they are mysterious and sexy.

But if you have single eyelid you want to have double eyelid.There is a new treatment that can be done. This procedure is called Double suture &twist (DST) . It take short time to heal about 1 week, no removal of stitches needed. And the result is natural looking because it folds along the natural crease. It is going to take 30 to 45 minutes. And the eyelid can last from at least 5 years to permanent.
But only certain of person can do this kind of procedure, you need to consult with the doctor for this. This procedure had nothing to do with cutting your eyelids. There is also potentially reversible, if you change your mind about it.

result after DST

To feel beautiful, sometimes we need to look at it, right through our eyes and then our confident will boost up, even more to a happier life(one of the reason to be happy). So if you do feel like doing some changes to your face, don't be afraid. Just do your research, talk to the expert. And sometimes, you have to do what you think right. If you think right and sure about it, no one to blame. We only live once, so no regret please.
If you have question regarding Aesthetic Treatment, you can pay a visit to 
Lot LG2.122C , lower Ground 2 
sunway pyramid shopping mall 
3 jalan pjs 11/15, bandar sunway
46150 petaling jaya , selangor.
tel: 60356389366



I have 10 worth Rm200 MCU Beautitudes Voucher to be given away for those who are interested on Aesthetic treatment. The price range would start from few hundreds to few thousand. For example" square jaw line maybe around Rm2800 for botox, DST treatment probably below Rm5000 (forget the price for this) . 
How to win Rm200 voucher? 
1. be a follower on
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Terms and conditions for the voucher: 
1. Strictly for one redemption per customer. 
2. This voucher is non-transferable and not exchangeable for cas and product.
3. valid for malaysia PRs age 18 years and above. 
4. Voucher must be presented with NRIC for verification upon redemption.
5. MCU Beautitudes SDN BHD reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. 
6. Voucher valid for one month from issued date 31/10/2013

Thanks to MIVVA BEAUTY BOX for the invite:)

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