Fashion Icon KL -"Zero is not a Size" fashion show

Hello beautiful, 

28/09/2013, I attended Fashion Icon Designer Outlet fashion show "Zero is Not a Size" in support of Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) to shed the spotlight on women's health issues, reinforce a positive body image mindset to women for the enhancement of self confidence regardless of body size and shape. Beside that i have a great time browsing high end clothes, shoes and accessories. 
This is a fashion for charity event and aimed to promote shopping for a good cause as all proceeds for auction purchases of selected t-shirt design by local media artist Hafizhajeedar & Tempatan went to WAO to assist the organisation's relief efforts towards disenfranchised women. 

In the event comprising of regular customer, new clients, local celebrities and media friends to support the event. We are entertained by live local performance by up and coming singers Joy Victor, Ida Mariana and Ezza Afiqa. 
Fashion Icon Designer Out Manager Regine Wong said: " A lot women's challenges today come from what mainstream fashion magazines and tv shoes tell us- that one must be Size Zero to be chic and desirable. This unhealthy mindset contributes greatly to many of today's body disorder and illness such as Bulimia, Anorexia and Bodt Dysmorphia. "
Fashion icon believes that the joy in style and fashion is to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of size, shape and colour. What make women beautiful and fashionable is to be confident, to have balanced outlook in life, to follow a healthy diet and to ensure a good fitness regime.
The Crowd

Modelling Fashion Icon designer outlet clothing

Fashion Icon Designer Outlet Kuala lumpur is located on Persiaran Hamspire. You can find fashionable men's and women's wear, accessories as well as fragrance and textiles. They also providing in house tailoring and alteration services. 
If you want to participate on upcoming Fashion icon designer outlet event which promote good community causes and great fashion at the same time. Check out their facebook page

 Do you know WAO ? 

Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) is a non-governmental and non-religious organisation, committed towards ending discrimination and violence against women. Through their crisis intervention services, they provide empowerment for women in need in Malaysia. They provide shelter for survivors of domestic violence who need time, space and protection to make decision about their future. Counselling is provided by professional social workers for woman seeking for advice. Beside that they also provide home for  children of their ex-residents who have decided to live an independent life. They also work for social change and prevention through raising awareness and national campaigns.

With a donation of Rm50 will provide 5 women with two mea per day at the Refuge. 

If you want to participate in helping or be part of WAO, you can check out