Garnier Sakura white Pinkish radiance moisturising cream spf21/PA+++ review

Hello beautiful, 
 2 weeks ago, I saw Garnier skincare has come out a new range called sakura white pinkish radiance, so I thought why not give a try and review it so that you guys can have a reference before buying it. The whole range of Garnier pinkish radiance should consist of  " moisturiser withSPF ", " cleanser" , "mask", and "essence". Unfortunately, the essence is not available in Malaysia. I've been using the Moisturiser for 2 weeks now. Let's go for the review. 

This is the whole range.
Available in Malaysia- Cleanser, moisturiser with SPF, and MASK


Product name: Garnier Sakura white Pink radiance Moisturizing Cream SPF 21/PA+++
Net Weight: 50ml
Price: Rm24.80
Where to buy : Watsons, Guardian, Jusco, Tesco, almost every store selling Garnier products.

How to use:
After cleansing, apply evenly all over the face and neck area.

This is the box packaging, claiming 60% more pinkish radiance after one month of using this moisturiser. Who don't want blushing cheek ?? 

The product inside is like a pudding. 

The Pros

  • Non oily
  • light texture , quickly absorb 
  • suitable for sensitive skin 
  • with SPF 21/PA+++
  • can get it almost everywhere, tesco, jusco, watson, guardian
  • formulated with sakura extracts, vitamin B3, and vitamin CG
  • love the smell of the products
  • can feel cooling sensation after applied
  • Super affordable price

From all Garnier skincare range that available in Malaysia, I love this range the most. This moisturiser is light weight and not oily at all compare to the other moisturiser in the yellow packaging(forget the name of the product). It contain SPF 21/ PA+++ which is great for Malaysian weather, it can protect from the sun. Beside that, it claims to give rosy pinkish skin after a month of using it because it is formulated with sakura extract, vitamin B3 and vitamin CG. So far,  I didn't see any dramatic change on my skin tone maybe i need to use it more than one month to see the overall result.

The Cons

  • The bottle packaging, not hygienic to use finger to dig the product out( optional spatula needed) 
  • Only for morning cream 
  • take time to see pinkish radiance result

I'm not a fan of bottle/ jar packaging, because it is really hard to take out the product. Using my finger is not hygienic. Recommended to prepare a spatula to take out the product. 


Personally, I think this drugstore brand product is recommended for those who are looking for steal price with fair outcome product. I didn't see any Paraben in the product description so another thumbs up. It moisturised the skin and with SPF 21/PA+++ protect skin from harmful uv rays, it is also give no oily or sticky feeling on the face throughout the day. Start my day with Garnier pinkish radiance moisturiser, simply make me happy because I can use it after cleansing and it is suitable to go under the sun because it will protect me from the harmful UV rays and also moisturised my skin.  

Will you try it out ? 

Hope this review will help you guys :) If you guys have any question, feel free to drop me a comment down below. 

Disclaimer: This product was bought with my own money. I am not paid or affiliated with this company. This is my 100% honest review.