"Save our Water Planet" building artificial reef BY H2O Plus and HUME CEMENT

I was invited to a press conference of Marine conservation programme by Luxor Beauty world sdn bhd, the exclusive distributor of h2O+. "Save Our Water Planet" A marine conservation programme By H2O plus and HUME CEMENT. This programme aiming at building  and restore reefs in various part of the seas around Malaysia. For a start, H2O plus together with Hume Cement Sdn Bhd are building its first artificial reef in Pulau Soyak Off Pulau Tioman in state of Pahang Darul makmur. 

The objective of this project is with the sole aim of sustaining the growth of reefs so as to enhance the bio diversity and the sustainability of the water eco-system for the long term existence if marine and coral lives for the appreciation of our future generations. 
source taken from :http://www.coral.org/resources/about_coral_reefs/why_care
The support from Hume Cement , a key cement manufacturer to produce and sponsor these green and cured reinforced concrete block for this meaningful project. Beside that, Jabatan Taman Laut, Malaysia granting to implement this reef building initiative. Early October 2013, Marine Monkees, a professional dive company has been appointed as the project manager for this project to help ensure safety, coordination and the successful construction of the reef in Pulau Soyak Off Pulau Tioman. 
Building Artificial reef in progress , divers using lift balloon to lift and lower 70KG concrete blocks to position. 
Make sure all the blocks are in the correct place so that screws can be inserted to secured the structure. 

Finally, the Artificial reef is done. Can you imagine coral living here, fishes ?? how beautiful they are :) 
Luxor beauty world sdn bhd's fervent hope to be able to build one reef a year with the aim to create an underwater marine park in fulfilling H2Oplus corporate vision and mission. Luxor beauty world is also pleased to invite interested comapnies having the same vision to join them in pursuing such corporate social responsibility to restore our sea planet in the future projects. 
Why we need to protect out oceans ? 
See more at: http://www.marine-conservation.org/what-we-do/advocate/why-we-protect-our-oceans/#sthash.1M4xv8rA.dpuf

Let work together and save our OCEAN ! Be the part of this amazing programme to let the long term existence of marine and coral lives for the appreciation of our future generations. 

According to nationalgeographic.com
What you can do to save the ocean ? 
1. Mind your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption
2. make safe sustainable seafood choices
3. use fewer plastic products
4.help take care of the beach
5. Don;t purchase item that exploit marine life
6.be an ocean-friendly pet owner
7.support organisations working to protect the ocean
8.Influence change in your community
9. travel the ocean responsibility
10. Educate yourself about oceans and marine life

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