The 17th Asia Pacific Hair & Make-Up Olympics competition 2013

Hello beautiful, 

On 7/10/2013, I was invited to witness The 17th Asia pacific Hair and Makeup Olympics competition. It is my first time attending this kind of competition. I was so amazed by all the creation from the contestants of that day. Have you seen any hair and makeup competition before? With the time constrain, contestant need to finish the whole look and it was really intense . I was so happy to be there because i could personally look at how the whole look was done. It is really amazing ! Thumbs up to all contestants.

The 17th Asia pacific Hair and Makeup Olympics competition held in Malaysia with conjunction to the Beauty 2013 Expo, bringing international talents and professionals together to exhibit and share new knowledge, creativity and ideas with each otherIn addition to thatthe competition also allows the industry players to pursue continuous updates about the latest trends and styles, be exposed to vast opportunities and advancing their careers.
Participation of contestants are from 13 APHCA member countries :
-Australia -Cambodia-Hong Kong-China-Indonesia-Japan-Korea-Malaysia-Mongolia-Philippines-Singapore-Sri Lanka-Taiwan-Thailand

i love the hair :)

 In this competition, contestants will be put to test through 8 intense round of competition from 10am till 6 pm. The 8 rounds of competition consist of the following : 
-Ladies Designer Hair Cut
-Men’s Avant-Garde Hair Cut 
-Evening Elegant Hair Cut 
-Bridal Hair
-Ladies Designer Make-Up 
-Evening Elegant Make-Up 
-Bridal Make-Up 
-Fantasy Make-Up 

The prizes are very attracting too !! 
Do you think you got the talent and be the winner next year ? 
If you want to join this competition in the future, you can log on to their website.
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