Yes!Nurse "Protect your lovely hands" hand formula review

Hello beautiful, 

Are you looking for hand cream that's work ? The price is under Rm30 ? Most importantly the hand cream not greasy at all ?? 

Today I'm going to review on Yes!nurse protect your hands intensive moisturizing cream. 
I got this lovely hand cream from, they send to me for my honest review. 
When I first received it, I was so surprised that the box packaging is so unique (great for gift as well) and I have the feeling that this product worth trying!  So after a month using it for everyday, I can't denied that it is the best hand cream I ever tried !

There is a story behind this amazing hand cream. 
Paediatric nurse Antonia Steven was the founder of yes! Nurse intensive moisturising hand formula. "Protect Your lovely Hands" was borne out of desperation. Antonia's hands parched scaly and cracked because of all the essential hand washing and sterilising that takes place in a hospital. At some point, she had to take time off because they were becoming an infection risk. Antonia used her knowledge of the skin and healing to develop an ultra-nourishing lotion that absorbs quickly and protects hands against dehydrating and damaging effects of life at the hospital. 

The overal look of the packaging, it's a parcel form UK using royal mail. Special delivery for happy hands. 

When you open the box your will see a nurse cartoon, and the top 10 reason why they think nurses have a lot special bits. 

Tadaa!! This is the almost true to size photo of the product. 

They included a piece of paper  information about this hand cream. 

Also How you are going to use this hand cream : 
Suggested : 
1. Massage 2 pea sized blobs of Yes!nurse into hands 30 minutes before starting a shift, work formula into problem area such as fingertips and knuckles. 

2. use further 1-2 blobs of Yes! nurse and massage into skin throughly during your break. Ensure cream is well absorbed before starting work again. 

3. Top up with one final blob of Yes! Nurse after work to replenish any lost oils an soothe any irritation. 

Let's get started with the review :

Product name: Yes!Nurse Protect Your Lovely Hands Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula
Made in : UK
Net Weight: 50ml / 1.7 fl.0z
Price: Rm29.90

Can i bring it out everyday ?
The size of the product is only the big of my palm. It's compact size contain 50 ml products, and the quality of the product packaging is durable. But because it is in white colour tube, the packaging itself will get dirty. 

Do i have control ?? 
I already tested the control of the product come out from the tube and I can definitely squeeze it slowly and control on how much I want. 


- Non greasy 
- long lasting
- great for dry and cracked skin around finger nails- absorb instantly
- pleasantly smell
- best for dry to super dry hand
- can heal, hydrate and soothing
- no paraben
- only small amount needed goes a long way 

The product is a cream type, and surprisingly it's not oily feeling after I started to rub on my hand instead i can feel watery(if that makes sense). My hand feel softer after application. Both my hands are happy hands throughout the day, because the cream give a long lasting hydration and not greasy at all. I also notice because it moisturised my skin, my hand's line are not so obvious and not so wrinkly looking, firms up and younger looking hands. 

I usually use it 3 times daily with only 2 pea size blobs (shown the photo below), once in the morning, after lunch, then after shower before go to sleep. You can definitely re-apply it throughout the day if you really have dry skin or you are in the air conditioned room.

Another thumbs up for this product, it contain No Paraben, only full of essential Omega's, antioxidants and powerful natural actives ingredients.

It can Heal with Active +15 manuka honey, Hydrate &protecting with pomegranates seed oil wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil and passion flower seed oil and Soothing with aloe leaf extract  and willow bark extract. Beside that, it is not tested on animals only nurses :)

It is selling for reasonable and affordable for Rm29.90 50ml and it really works. The conversion of GBP5.49 has not much different with Malaysian price. I think it can last about a month for my small hands(depends on how big your hands ) for one tube which is now i need to re-stock mine :) 

The Cons: 

- only available online purchase 
-cannot put too much will feel sticky ((Depend how dry your hand ) 

Is really hard to find con on this product, but if you put too much of the product, i think it will make your hand feel sticky. I squeeze a lot and rub it on my hands, i find it took longer time to absorb and my palm still feel a little bit sticky after 15 minutes(but not oily at all) , and i think it become much better after 1 to 2 hours.  

The only con i find is that it can only be purchased through online (in malaysia), and not in store. I hope that watsons and guardian can sell this amazing product. I can run to watsons or guardian whenever i need to repurchase again. 

My skin looks really soft :)) 

Overall rating: 

I always have the love and hate relationships with hand cream because all i wanted is something that can make my skin softer, smoother, and younger looking hand but they always turns out greasy. I feel shy to shake hand with new friends, because my hand is so rough like a man. My hand look like an old woman, which is why i needed a good hand cream. I have try a lot of hand cream, some of them are good but more pricey and still have that oily feeling, but with this affordable Yes! Nurse hand formula give me the result that I wanted for so long which is softer looking skin, and smoother feeling skin without feeling greasy. I'm thankful to bringing this amazing hand cream, and now I'm a loyal user of Yes!Nurse hand formula :) 
Try it and you'll never regretted it! 

Disclaimer: This product was sent free to me for my 100% honest review and opinion.