*ended*Luxola Black friday sale TOMORROW 29/11/2013

Hello beautiful, 
Another Black friday promotion that help you save a lot $$$ !!
Black Friday Promotion start 29/11/2013 9am until 10am for 30% off 
10am until 11am for 20% off
Luxola.com is a online store selling beauty products and tools. You can find SIGMA beauty product as well and you can even save more !
 If you read my previous post on sigma beauty having Black Friday, my wish list is the brush gloves, If I purchase it through sigma beauty  I have to pay Rm117.53 but through Luxola.com  it's only RM112(cheaper than the usa website) ,after discount RM78.40 !! If you miss out this black friday sales, you can enjoy first purchase for 25% !! Beside that free shipping for purchase more than Rm40 ! 
So register now here---> https://www.luxola.com
How to purchase ?
1. Register account to make purchase click HERE to register 
2. add product to your CART 
3. Checkout and apply the discount code 

9am -10am - 30% discount code:Black30
10am-11am -20% discount code: Black20

My wish list: 
Sigma Spa brush cleansing glove
Only RM112 !! 
The cheapest price in malaysia! 



Vibrant colours!
Great for christmas present ! 

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If you can buy at discounted price , who wanted to buy at normal price ? Plan your purchase to purchase more at lower price ! 
Be a smart shopper ;)