I'm in Maybelline Rocketme2NY Top 13 finalist

Can you guess which one is me ? 
Hello everybody, 

I was in the Maybelline Rocketme2NY contest top 13 finalist. On 31/10/2013, I wake up at 7 a.m, and I get dress up without make up on and went to mid valley for my first challenge for that day. All the contestant gathered at Lg center mid valley Maybelline booth. There will be 4 challenges for all the finalist contestant.

First Challenge

Start from 10 a.m, the first challenge was to do a makeover. There is 3 different theme, New york look, Lip liner junkie, and Graffiti. So I was so lucky to get my favourite look which is the Graffiti. Before the makeover started, we need to take a before photo and then do a collage photo of "before and after", and post it up on Instagram &Fb page. We need to ask friends and family to give a like for our photo. The whole contest is based on 30% of the vote and 70% from Maybelline judges.
The makeover only allowed to use Maybelline product that is provided by them. Makeup tools provided are only few brushes. I was given 30 minutes to finish up my graffiti look.
The products on my face: 
Dream liquid mousse
poreless white powder 
colour tattoo -tenacious teal 
-edgy emerald
Eye studio Diamond glow eye shadow -lilac mauve
hypersharp eyeliner
masterliner black
lipgloss (forget the colour) 
lipstick( forget the colour) 
blusher (forget the colour) 
volume express rocket mascara

Second challenge

After the makeover challenge, we moving on to the next challenge. We are going to choose outfit to match our makeup look at Nichii Midvalley. We need to choose our outfit within 20 minutes including clothes fitting. I went on this challenge with my bloated tummy due to constipation and gained weight, but I managed to let myself just be happy and enjoy this contest. I choose a nude jacket with white singlets,  paired up with a black short with golf chain belt. Just be confidence because I can't change my body instantly. The photo is taken with wide angle camera, and I do some touch up so I look slimmer. 
This photo appear a slim figure, but in real person i'm fatter. hehe 

Third Challenge

We need to talk to a stranger. What do we need to talk about then ? It was all about an outfit of the day or makeup of the day outside Pavillion. It was already 2pm, not much of people walking around Pavillion. I talked to 3 person, I was too nervous, and I Dunno what I'm asking them, I just talked what I can think of! It was a fun experience. No photo for this challenge. But I was walking and running with my High wedges under a hot sun with my outfit and the camera man following, so you can imagine the photo yourself (hehe).

Forth challenge (last challenge) 

Catwalk to sidewalk fashion show ! OMG !! I never dream of walking on a stage with beautiful tall model, and everyone's eyes on me! I'm insecure with my body figure. I am petite and fat at the same time(for my size) ! To let my confident burning, I keep singing (I don't care, i love it !) to let myself feel better.
I'm proud of myself because I walk on that stage with my big smile, and it was like once a lifetime experience, so I was really glad that I can do it ! Although I think if I have my fit body, it will be perfect.
My makeup was done by professional makeup artist, and the outfit was picked by Maybelline team. When I'm on stage, I'm not nervous at all. I enjoyed it and thanks to Maybelline for this amazing experience.

Watch me on stage :) Please give a round applause, and I was actually 23 years old. They got it wrong announcing 24years old. How am i doing ? I nailed it ! 

And The winner goes to ..... 

Wiida and Fifi will be flying to New york next year for fashion week :)) WOW !! Congratulations to both of you! I wanted to go there badly ! I'm not good enough to represent Maybelline, so I need to save my money and fly there whole expensed by myself(haha). And if you are wondering how is this contest choose their winner, I'm not sure how many marks or points I got because they didn't announced or inform us.

It was fun, and tiring day, I met friends and get to do catwalk show. I'm so happy that I can be part of this contest, I have such interesting experience! Thank you everybody for the likes and votes !! I'm so lucky to have you guys !!

Although I didn't win trip to new york, I brought home a goodie bag from Maybelline including RM100 cash voucher. Thank you for your time reading my blog :) 

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