My Lush Haul from Singapore

I bought some lush goodies when I went to Singapore for Charriol Event. I was so excited when I first step into Lush store at Wisma Atria next to Ion Orchard Singapore. So I picked some of the products few months ago, and I took photos and finally I can blog about them. I already run out of most of the products that I mention here. 
I remember that I was accompanied by Sara after the event( check out her website ). When we first walk into the store, I was overwhelming with all the products because before this I was only able to watch them over my computer and purchase them through online. And the staff is so nice, she was introducing the best seller and what should i get which make me wanted to buy everything. 
What is lush ?
Lush is a store selling fresh handmade cosmetics. They are selling fresh handmade bath bombs, massage bar, solid shampoo and more. They are selling some of products in a solid form because it doesn't need preservative and much packaging. All the products are handmade and not from machine. Beside that they are against testing on animals. I really love how this company works. They are cruelty free. And all the products are safe to use, and they do not promote wastage of product packaging. They minimise the usage of packaging, and all their pots are 100% post consumer waste, even their paper bags are recycle papers without chlorine. 

These are my Goodies from LUSH SINGAPORE STORE. 
This is called bubble bars- THE COMFORTER. I put it in my hot water tub and I can smell fruit aroma of a blackcurrant candy and lots of bubble coming out ! You can use this twice just cut it to half . The most interesting part is that the water turned to Pink colour. It just make you relax and happy. You can snug into the bubbles. S$16/ Rm40 for 200g

This is a bath bomb, used it after you shower then put your bath bombs in your bath tub with water and let it melts. Your bath tub will turn colours, and you can stay in the tub for 1 hours and it will moisturise your skin and leave your skin soft and you smell great for couple of hours:) 

bath bomb

Another Bath bomb.  S$12 /RM 30 for 200g
sex bomb 

This is a Fresh Mask ! First time getting a fresh mask without preservatives that need to store in fridge. I absolutely love this stuff !! This is a blueberry , rose, chamomile, calamine and tac mask that works for antioxidant, reduce redness or irritation, and also clean and soothing. The life span of this only for a month if I'm not mistaken. You can only get this in the store. S$26.50/RM66.25 for 75g

Another Mask from Lush, one of best seller is the MASK OF MAGNAMINTY. Peppermint mask that clean and refresh your face. S$26/ RM65 for 125g

This is the VOLCANO FOOT MASK. I absolutely loving this !! I'm glad that I got this, because I feel so great after i used it. My feet is softer and they works as a scrub after it dries out, you just rub it and clean it with water. You need to get this and try it yourself. Your feet will love it ! S$21 / RM52.50 for 125g.

This is a solid shampoo ! This is my first time having a solid shampoo. It's really easy to use, put it under running water and then just rub few times on your hair and all the bubbles will come out and you good to give your head a massage and then rinse them. Don't forget to put conditioner afterwards.    RM52.50 each

This  is a body butter called KING OF SKIN. You are going to use t after shower or bath then ru it to your whole body then give your body massage then rinse with water. Your skin will stay moisturise ! 

 This is a Soap called Sultana of Soap. It contains dried fruit. Just work it all over the your body like abnormal soap. This is a creamy soap. Another favourite of mine :) S$13 /Rm32.50 for 100g

Sultana of Soap

This is a SHARK FIN SOAP. Not made from shark fin of course. This is a charity soap for Shark, to help non profit organisation to save shark. 100 % of the proceeds goes to the non profit organisation. 

If you want to try LUSH products and you are from MALAYSIA. You can either travel to singapore or You can purchase them through Singapore Website , the shipping fee start from S$10.80 / RM27 . I can't wait to make christmas purchase for lush :) 
Have you tried out LUSH ? Which one is your favourite ? 
Happy shopping !! 

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