Watson Christmas sales mini Haul

Hello beautiful, 
I got Mini haul from watson for you guys. My exam is another one week and I still went for shopping ? Because I run out of new toothbrush so I went to Watson around my living area and then I found out that they are having Christmas Sales. So I took like 10 minutes to walk around and then I got some stuff. 
Let's started with the first item- Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system , when it first came to  Malaysia, I wanted to get it but because I got the Clarisonic, so I don't wanna spend on it. But since christmas is coming, I thought why not give it to my boyfriend and I can borrow his and review it for you guys :)  I wanted to buy the extra brush head but it is not available in the store. I might need to go at another outlet. Another reason that I got it because it's having a 20% off. If you've been thinking to get one for your family friends or even yourself, hurry up grab the 20% off deal. 
Have you tried this before ? or you are currently using it ? 
Rm103.93 (np Rm129.90) 
1x 2 speed control & water resistant tool
1x gentle brush head
1x skin renewal cleanser

Next, I saw this interesting product from Nivea when it claim to be Makeup skin therapy set. It also claim to repairs thin skin for 10x radiant fair, water like skin within 7 days. I wanted to try it out at give it my review for it. 
Have you tried this before? 

1x Mud foam cleanser
1x whitening mask
1x Day serum spf 22

This is the last item,  my favourite toothbrush ! My Best friend Rachel recommended me to try this out, and I fall in love with it. Let me tell you why, it is because the super fine bristle that can clean up along gum lines and in between teeth. I recommended for you guys to try this toothbrush.

If you have bleeding gum, I think this toothbrush really help you to dig the dirty out and cleaning so that when your gum is clean, the redness will be gone , no more bleeding -I promise. You never stop brush if your gum is bleeding, you need tog et it clean. And don't forget to floss your teeth before you brush it okay :) When your gum is bleeding your teeth is Dirty, so Floss it, brush it and get a mouthwash, recommended to do it 3 times a day, until your gum is back to normal then 2 times a day is ok. Another tips for brushing your teeth, try to count 5 second each teeth each side( for the side of teeth do the motion brushing it downwards and circular motion, and for the bottom part move back and forward)  ( Tips form dentist). Almost forget, don't forget to clean your tongue too. 


Almost forget that I got free gifts for buying Olay products. A clutch, I think it need more bling for holiday season, i'm going to revamp it :)

And I also got this Mini power bank for purchasing Rm150 and above. 

I got the new membership card for RM18 , a touch and go card. Have you sign up as a watson VIP member ?  You can collect points, and get VIP DISCOUNT. With every holder, will get a Rm5000 rewards voucher. For more info check out here.

Watson christmas sale 

WM promotion from 21/11/-25/12/2013
EM promotion from 28/11- 28/11/2013
Purchase up to Rm150 for member get a free POWER BANK 2600mAh
I will be doing a christmas gift guide for watson soon ! So stay tuned, you might want some idea what to get from your friends and family right?