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This year is really an amazing year, because I was able to meet America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Finalist, they were just in front of me and I was completely blown away! I watched this competition started when I was in my secondary school. And I can't believe that I can go to one of their party. This party was hosted by GUESS and Starworld's ANTM. I enjoyed myself and all thanks to GUESS.  The party was held in Butter Factory Kuala Lumpur.

America's Next Top Model cycle 20 come up with a different twist which features Boys and Girls living under one roof and battling it out to earn the prestigious title of " America's Next Top Model ". It all come down to the fittest, fiercest of the lot where one of these finalists will be named the winner.  The Ultimate winner will receive among the many impressive prizes, a USD100,000 national ad campaign with GUESS, whose advertising campaigns have launched many modelling careers. Guess was one of the main prizes sponsors for ANTM Cycle 20.

There are performance by a group of dancer and recently I'm addicted to "Atuk Atuk Havoc Havoc"
To celebrate Guess association with ANMT cycle 20,  finalist Jourdan Miller, Marvin Cortes, Cory Hindross, Renee Bhagwandeen and Chris Hernandez with 15 models down the runway in Guess outfits showcased throughout ANTM Cycle 20 and from Guess Holiday 2013 Collections. Everyone was cheering and snapping lots of photo. I was standing with my  killer heels for the night and my legs hurting but it was worth it ! Luckily my boyfriend helping me with taking all the photos while I was screaming, waving to CORY !! I love him ! 
Seriously, all the finalist were GORGEOUS in real person ! They look stunning. They are more slimmer! Jourdan is the tallest if I'm not mistaken. Each of them have different look. And of course my own personal most favourite goes to CORY !! wuhoo... I love how confident he is and He is beautiful.
For more photos, I uploaded in my FB page -->https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.553762534706346.1073741832.407634282652506&type=1&l=44333c27f3

The five ANMT cycle 20 Finalist : 
Jourdan Miller (winner)

Jourdan Miller (winner)

Marvin Cortes 
Cory Hindross (my personal favourite)
Renee Bhagwandeen  ( My favourite outfit for the night)
Chris Hernandez

I'm so happy that I have the opportunity standing next to JOURDAN MILLER the WINNER of ANTM CYCLE 20 ! And I got a chance for a selfie photo with her , but sadly the photo turn out so blurred. Luckily the photo below was captured by my bf. I was a little bit disappointed because I didn't get a selfie with CORY. But anyways, I'm still glad that I came to this party and I really enjoyed it ! My 2013 indeed an amazing year !! 

I was wearing a F21 blazer and  miss selfridge leggings, with  Steve Madden heels. If you want to see more photos, I'm uploading them on my FB page. 

Which one of the Finalists is your favourite ? And don't forget to watch America's next top model cycle 20 on Starworld( astro). 

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