How do I deep Clean My makeup Brush? + review

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If you have a makeup brushes,  the first time you brought them home You need to wash them and not to directly use them. To take care of your make up brushes, you need to Deep cleaning it for every two weeks or when they are too dirty. 
Spot cleaning using a brush cleanser solution with disinfecting properties after you use it daily. It is more hygienic and its way to keep your brush have a longer useful life. 
For deep cleaning your brush, you can either use your bare hand to do cleaning process,  put some soap( baby shampoo or makeup brush cleanser) and start to swirl them on your hand and it takes longer time as to how dirty your brushes are. And keep them under running water and rinse all the soap. Then take a tissue or clean towel to make it dry, and lay them flat complete air drying (take about a day). 
Another way to deep cleaning your brushes is to use SIGMA SPA BRUSH CLEANING GLOVE. Which I think it is more cleaner and definitely saving time ! In the video I show you on how to use cleaning glove and in this blogpost I write about my review on this tools. 
I have upload a video on how I deep clean my brush with it, hope you guys enjoy the video and Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and I will make more videos. 


Product name: Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove
Price: RM110 
Net weight: 6oz/ 170.1g

Colour: black/ aqua/ purple / pink

Come with : Silicone Glove & Microfiber inner glove

where to buy : 

The Glove come with 4 different texture for washing, rinsing, refine for added cleaning, and Reshape texture. These textures really help for cleaning process. 

This is the Face brush texture that you should use for much larger brush. 

This is for eye brushes texture, you should use for smaller bristles makeup brush.

This glove include a microfiber inner glove for added comfort while cleaning your brushes.


- really work for deep cleaning brushes
- easy to use 
- 4 colour to choose 


- Only one size ( but the size run big so for normal hand will definitely fit in and have more space, but it doesn't has anything to interrupt the cleaning process) 
- a bit pricey ( it is a long term useful life products so acceptable) 
Overall, I really love this tools for cleaning my brushes. It really help to deep clean than my usual routine which only using my hand. The texture on the glove really help to remove all the dirts on the brush. My brushes turn into a brand new one:) Although at first I thought the texture on the glove will ruined the bristles, but turn out it didn't but it just works well on cleaning process, no residue makeup or dirt left over. 
This glove is durable and made out from high grade silicone.This glove can last years and years so for the price of RM110 I think it is still acceptable but still a bit pricey( but you can get 25% off from at for your first purchase ).
The inner glove really works for added comfort while cleaning up your brushes. It come in 4 colour black, purple, aqua and blue. You can use this glove for any brand of makeup brushes. 
I highly recommended that for makeup lover to have to try this tools because it really clean your brushes well and this is a good investment because brushes that is dirty will only bring bacteria to your face and you will get breaks out or oner skin problem so for the sake of of our flawless face please use a clean brush :) If you are a makeup artist, then you have no doubt to buy this, so that you have a clean brush for your customer. 
Disclaimer: This product was bought with my own money. This is my 100% honest review.