Sneak Preview of the cocktails for Johnnie Walker Step inside the circuit lounge 2014

Hello everyone, 
I was so lucky to be invited to the sneak preview of the cocktails Johnnie Walker step inside the circuit lounge event 2014, crafted by Ambassadors Shawn Chong and Karl Too of Omakase+ Appreciate, all thanks to Manoah. 

The venue chosen for this particular event was at Omakase+ Appreciate. I never heard of Omakase+ Appreciate before, It is my first time here. I was so surprised that the venue is so unique because they don't have any proper door, they are using forbidden door, and it is located at basement where you have no idea that inside was a bar. The whole environment is so exclusive and Its a great place to hang out with friends and few cocktails for the night. The owners of Omakase+ Appreciate were Shawn and Karl.

Shawn and karl both created two bespoke cocktails especially for the event: " GOLD Cocoa" and "Black Strike". Complementing the rich, bold flavours of JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK LABEL and JOHNNIE WALKER GOLD LABEL RESERVE, these cocktails personify the individual mixing styles of Shawn and Karl respectively, that have established their names in the industry. 

The venue

Shawn Demonstarting on how the cocktail was made, and teaches us tips and trick on how we can achieve it at home.
Everyone started to take photos while shawn is demonstrating on how to do the correct shake . 

After Shawn has shown on how to make the cocktails, Everyone got the chance to try to make their own cocktails.

Gold cocoa in the making.

Black strike 
 I was so shy to try out my making my own cocktails, but I'm glad that I tried making my own Gold cocoa, It is my favouite one, because it is easy to drink and it really taste chocolate yummy.

These are the Featured cocktail for Circuit lounge 2014. 

Shawn and Karl
From left: Shaw, Karl

Cocktails from left to right: Black coconut, Black Strike, and Gold Cocoa

If you want to make your own cocktail at home, here are the ingredients and steps on how to make one for yourself. 

The featured Cocktail in Johnnie walker step inside the Circuit lounge event : 
Black Coconut

This refreshing and unique tropical concoction combines fresh coconut water and Johnnie Walker black label in a seamless union. 

Ingredients: 30ml Johnnie Walker Clack Label 
60ml Fresh coconut water

How: Build and serve in a rock glass over cubed ice Granish with Fresh coconut flesh. 

Alcohol content: 0.48g alcohol per serving

Black Strike 

A robust cocktail that brings to life the hints of spice and fruitiness of the Johnnie Walker Balck Label with a bittersweet finish.

Ingredients: 30ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
8ml Ristretto liqueur 
8ml lemon
8ml sugar
a dash of spicy chocolate bitters
How : Mix all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake it . Pour Over once in a rock glass Granish with lemon slice.

Alcohol content: 12.21g alcohol per serving.

Gold Cocoa 
Luxurious crafted to delight your taste buds with a reveal of decadence on every sip, this smooth cocktails is perfect to indulge in at any glamorous celebrations.
Ingredients: 30ml Johnnie walker gold lager reserve 
20ml chocolate sauce
10ml Caramel sauce 
Ground coffee
How: Make the chocolate sauce by mixing chocolate powered, sugar and water. 
combine all ingredients in a shaker and throw. 
Serve over ice.  Garnish with ground coffee. 
Alcohol content: 9.48g alcohol per serving. 
Shawn and Karl's cocktails will be featured at the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge taking place on March 29th 2014. 

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