H-Artistry Party 2014

Hello Party lovers,

Last Saturday, I'm so lucky to be invited to the epic clubbing experience at H-artistry Penang. I was staying at Equatorial Hotel Penang and flew by Malindo Airlines for the first time to Penang. Thank you so much to Geometry and Manoah for my VIP treatment. I wish I can bring all of you to party with me. 
Let's get back to Saturday and let me tell you my journey to the epic clubbing experience. 
We all took 9a.m flight to Penang by Malindo airlines. We were are departing from Subang airport (it's my first time departing from  Subang airport). The flight its a bit shaky because of the weather.
We are so excited and we are waiting to onboard. Yeeing and joanna. 

After meet and greet session with the artistes (read here), we go back to our room and take a good rest before the party start! 
Of course, the first thing when I'm in my hotel room is to set up my makeup station because I'm gonna be dressing up for the party. I watched "Something borrowed", which is one of my favourite movie while waiting for our lunch time. I didn't take any food photos, I didn't eat anything fancy just simple food from the food court at Queensbay mall. I didn't have good appetite on that day, maybe I'm too excited for the night. I forget to bring along my clutch, so I went for some shopping and I got my clutch from Nose and also a new necklace from Forever 21. 

Dressing up for Hartistry ! 
Wearing bandage top from F21 and also bandage skirt from F21.

We arrive at the Meet&Mingle at AOM lounge before the party started. 
Some dance performance are prepared for us as well.

Get to mix my own drinks, I'm having berry :)

One word to describe the stage " WOW " !

Before the music started, lets take a selfie. Brough along a blazer to keep me warm just in case I decided not to dance and feel cold. But guess what, the party is so happening that I didn't need a blazer to keep me warm. I'm like dancing the whole night.

A photographer for the night took a photo of us.

Sound checking before the show started !

Paperplane Pursuit the first performance for the night , we sing along too ! waving hand !!

Selfie again with Crazy party people .. Imma bleep you up !

 Imma Bleep you Up x Donovan 

Grab a random handsome "ang mo", he kinda look like spiderman. Aww.. xoxo

 Dj Brookyln is in da house!!  

This is when the party is so High ! and we decided to take a selfie and see if we still look okay :) hehe

Acting cute is must la okay. With Nicole and yeeing.

Group selfie with Kelly, Don, Joanna, Yeeing and Elvina. 
 It was a night that I really really enjoyed. I had so much fun, dancing with my girls that came along -Yeeing, Elvina and also Joanna. We had fun singing along with the song brought by Paperplane Pursuit, music by Dj Brooklyn, song by Magic powers, and Imma bleep you up for the final performance. And It's time to go home, I had crazy fun night, this is my most awesome epic party so far!! 
Okay so if you missed out this Party, be sure to keep on eye for Hartistry 2015! You have to trust me that Hartistry party is the best party that you gonna experience.