Mary Quant Makeup workshop event

Hello beautiful, 
I love going for makeup workshop to get tips and tricks from makeup artist. I love makeup, because it's the easiest way to look pretty. If I don't have slimmer face, I can put bronzer so make that illusion that I have sharper face. You don't have to got under surgery, you can draw your face and get that beautiful look.

I'm so happy whenever I got invited to go for Mary Quant makeup workshop, over there I can learn lots of tips and tricks. Thank You Manoah and Mary Quant for having me at the workshop with Ms Tanaki (makeup artist from Japan). So I wanna share what I learn from the workshop. 

Have you ever heard of this makeup brand before ? 
Mary quant is a fashion creator who is famous for inventing the miniskirt. In 1966 she begins designing her cosmetics line. This is a brand from England. They have face primer, eye primer, powder foundation, loose powder, eyeshadows, Mascara, eyebrow pencil, eye/lip pencil, blusher and lipstick, lipgloss and skincare product. You can see a black daisy on every packaging. That's their brand signature. It was actually Mary quant's scribbles in her childhood. 

This is Mary quant Eye Opener - Powder eye shadow  
Total of 60 shades, the colour comes in velvety and smooth texture. There are shimmery eyeshadows,  pearly shine shadow, and also matte one. 
(Rm46 each colour) (Rm49 casing) 

This is the Obedient finish- face foundation, comes in 4 shades. It is most suitable for acne prone skin. Because it is oil free makeup.

These are the toning lotion, sunblock, moisture eye care stick, and lip bouncer. 
I trip the Lip bouncer and I actually mix it with the lipstick colour. It's really hydrating my dry lips. 
Washing milk RM 119  Cleansing Gel Rm119 Toning Lotion Rm129 Moisture Cream Rm139

These are the Smoo Make- powder foundation
You will need a sponge to dap it and apply it on your face. It has 7 shades to choose from. The coverage of this powder foundation I would say medium coverage. I will prefer you to take one shade lighter from your skin.
Rm 108 
Smoo makeup - powder foundation
My shade is 0-40 
These are the Colourshine For Lips
You can choose from 8 shades shimmery lip glosses.

Blush baby on top - 14 colours including highlight Rm 75
Eye opener below - come in 60 shades ( I'm using the purple family)

 So these are makeup products that we used

Before we get started with out makeup, makeup to start with fresh skin, apply your skincare routine


1. Prime up 
using Oil Zap on the t-zone area for oily area 
using the moisture zap for other than oily area

2. Eye Gloss - this is to brighten up your eye area, it's great for our eye area, it design for delicate eyes. It can cover your dark circle and also as a primer to let the eyeshadow pop out and also long lasting. Using your finger to dap it gently to the eyes area. 

3. Brow Line - shape your eyebrow with their eyebrow pencil, it's waterproof and resist perspiration. By filling up your eye brow, you are actually framing your face and give a good overall look. 
3 shades to choose that matches your hair colour. Make a strokes mimic your eyebrow hair. 


4. Eye opener (N01, P06, V01, R02)
Try to use the lightest colour to the darkest colour. You can create dimensional to give your eyes more stand out.

5. Out Line- eyeliner (black) Rm59 
Draw closest to your eyelashes and you can make a flick at the end to make the eye look longer. 

6.Action Lashing- mascara (purple)
The bristle of this mascara is very unique it can give you a longer lashes look, it is also waterproof. It also come in 7 shades, so you can change your mascara colour and not only the boring Black. You going to curl your lashes before you apply the mascara, You going to start from the bottom and works upwards motion, give it 2- 3 coats. 


7. Blush baby - blusher
Just give a light stroke to your cheek and you don't wanna have intense colour on your cheek because you have bright colour on your eyes, you want your blusher to look more natural. 

8. Highlights bridge of your nose, chin, forehead. 

9. Apply lip colour that is natural and a little bit of shine is okay. 
This is the overall look that you can have with this makeup steps. 

My before and after makeup. 
You can get Mary Quant product at Watson Muse. 
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