Manoah Consulting Blogger Appreciation Night x Asahi x Idarts

Hello Beautiful, 

I was invited to Manoah Blogger appreciation night at Idart Sunway Giza. During the month of August is one of the founder of Manoah Consulting Birthday, Donovan Chan. So Idarts and Asahi Malaysia throwing a party for him. We were basically hanging out at Idarts Sunway Giza, get to play Darts (which I don't know how to play) and there is free flow of Asahi for the night. We laugh, and talked and it was a fun night. 

Some of my blogging work I collaborated with Manoah consulting and here I wanna talk more about Manoah Consulting, which I think some of you might wanna know right ? Manoah Consulting is a digital marketing agency that's only focused on social media and digital content of their clients. They are expert in social media marketing, they give proven analytical solutions. If you are looking for a way to build your company's online presence, feel free to contact them for more details

With founder of Manoah Consulting Donovan Chan

With lovely bloggers from left Elvina and Edaz.

Playing darts. I have no idea how to score this game.

But first let us take a wefie :) 

Thank you so much Manoah consulting , Idarts and also Asahi for awesome night.