Boon4 the new e-delivery service in Malaysia!

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There is a new e-delivery service available in Malaysia. It is called Boon4. It is a platform where it connects driver and sender thats required a delivery services. And it also claim to be South East Asia's first delivery service that is "on the way" and zero packaging cost. And that's why Boon4 able to provide fast, low cost delivery for senders and rewards driver for trips that they already taking.   Anyone can send via Boon4 today! If you travelling a lot, why not sign up for the driver account. You can earn back your petrol and probably extra pocket money. Download today Google play  or App store. Do you want to get 10% off ? Use my referral code: Boon4JENN  
Why is it called BOON4 ? Synonyms for boon is godsend, aid and help. Sender has a favour or request in return driver receive token of appreciation. The best part is Boon4 encouraging everyone to be part of this, for example: You are going to Penang for a food trip, because you are a Boon4 driver, you can accept job from Boon4 and earn from it. Meaning your travel expenses already been taking care of. And you might get extra money to eat few plates of Kuey Teow goreng. 
Mr. Ks.Soon (Founder of Boon4)
Download today ! Discount 10% referral code : Boon4JENN
Boon4 app launching ceremony! 

How to use this delivery service? 
First download the app Google play  or App store
After you downloaded BOON4 app, you need to sign up for an account. Don't forget to fill up the referral code: BOON4JENN for your 10% off! 
You can choose between express or schedule service, you just need to fill up the pick up location and deliver to location. And they also need the details of your parcel, you can choose the size of of your parcel and take a photo for reference. Next you will receive quote for the shipment, then only you decide whether to proceed or not. 
Log on to their website for more information 
Contact no: +60169692666
Email address :
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

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