Makeup Expiration dates

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So today I'm cleaning my makeup drawers and I was putting away all the makeup that is expired. You must be wondering how do I know when to throw them away, unless the actually expiration date was on the product packaging. I wanted to share how long I keep my makeup product and when do I actually throw them away meaning that I don't use them already.( I don't throw my makeup product, I just keep them away because I love to keep all my makeup, maybe one day I will throw them away, but for now they are just for collection) 
You might be thinking, it's a waste to throw your makeup product because they are still like new product right? But you have to know when to say goodbye and get a new one because they are full of bacteria. And you must be asking how the bacteria even grow in there? When the applicator come in contact with you directly to your skin, lips or lashes you didn't clean it before you put the applicator back to its tube or packaging so thats how the bacteria breeding inside. Bad makeup products can cause you irritation and breakouts, and it's really bad for your skin. So you don't want to go out and come home with redness o rashes on your skin. 

Let me know how long do you keep your makeup product? 

Tokyo Luxe Gift Box

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 I love to check out Japanese fashion style , hair style and makeup pictorial.When I think of Japanese style, I would say Kawaii (cute), of course they have a lot style but cute style is what come to my mind first. They can match everything from the hair to the makeup, their clothing, shoes and bag and overall they are very into the details like every blings count and they match up so that they can get perfect look. Japanese girl will wear makeup to show their respect to others.

Talking about makeup, they have tons of makeup cosmetic selling with very cute packaging too.
 Every packaging of their makeup product, they design it and make you feel pretty from the moment you see the product, you can already imagine yourself with that makeup on. You can't resist the beautiful packaging and you feel like buying everything. 

In Malaysia, I don't think a lot of choices of Japanese makeup brand available. But now I think we can easily get Japanese cosmetic from Tokyo Luxe. I'm so excited  to talk about this online website that provides beauty box. 

I recently received a gift box from Tokyo Luxe, which I'm so happy ! woot woot! It's actually like a beauty box. And the products in the box,  are all from Japanese brand makeup and skincare product. So basically most of the brand they included is famous brand in Japan, but they are not available for sale here in Malaysia. So let's us see what's in the box that I got.


Product Name: Tokyo Luxe Gift box

Price: $32 (singapore dollar)

Where to get:

I'll start with skincare product first.
Make It&Co- Wash Oil
For sensitive skin 
It's an all-in-one makeup remover, face wash and moisturiser. So you just apply a good amount of product to your face or body, and with circular motion, then add water and it will emulsify, then you wash it.  It is recommended to use it twice daily. 
My review: 
- smell really good contains essential oil
- suitable for sensitive skin
- can remove makeup
- the texture of the oil more to watery type and really easy to work on the face, I really like the texture of it because sometimes oil based cleanser doesn't make me comfortable to use, becuase it's feel oily, but this one is more to watery type so it's good.
- after you add water, it emulsify and it leaves the skin very smooth and brighten up the skin, another thumbs up
- It can be use for body as well

- not directly to the product, but it come in a travel size in this gift box so I don't know where to get it, but I think soon Tokyo luxe will be selling their product on their website.
Overall, I like this wash oil, I love the texture of this oil based cleanser, and it doesn't dry up my skin. It leave smooth and brighten skin after wash.
Overal, I like the scent of this cleanser it make me calm while 'm cleansing my face. But I'm not really a big fan of oil based cleanser, because my it will dry up my skin. 

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Make it &Co-Premium Gel
This is an anti ageing gel, it help the skin look and feel more soft, supple and younger. It contains Macadamia nut oil which is excellent anti ageing properties due to its richness in anti oxidant and vitamins. Also included Rose floral water for toning effects. 
My review: 
- After I apply it on my skin, it doesn't feel greasy
-quickly absorb 
- It's a moisturiser, and I think it has fair moisture level
- the texture is more between creamy gel type, it's cooling and glides on easily
- The moment I apply it on my face, I don't like the smell of it, but the smell didn't stay longer
Overall, I think it's quite okay as a moisturizer, not really sure if it can really help with anti ageing, but it's a fine moisturizer that doesn't feel too rich or too oily although it targeting anit ageing. It does leave smooth and soft feeling after used.
 Platinum Mascara Waterproof
 This is a mascara by AYA, she is a Japanese Tv reporter that living oversea, she wanted her eyelashes to have more volume and look as black as it can be. Because she wanted to stand out from other American reporters in the glitzy world of media. So that's why she want to make her eyes more impact. So she designed a unique mascara brush and it become popular in Japan, and also it was available in Sephora.
My review : 
- great colour payoff 
- lengthening
- waterproof
- don't smudge
- no clump
- the brush applicator easy to use, can apply upper and lower lashes , even inner corner. 
 - easy to remove 
- pretty packaging
  Overal, I would say this is my most favourite product in the gift box. I love how it open up my lashes and my eyes just like a blooming flower. It also can lengthening my lashes and it doesn't clump up my lashes. And of course It doesn't smudge make me look like a panda the end of the day. 
KIRAAN! Metal Magic Liner
This metal eyeliner is produced by Japanese twin sister models AMIAYA. This is a fun glittery liner that can spice up your eyes. 

My review: 

- look sparklie
- dry quickly
- cute packaging
- buildable 

- is not fine glitter

Overal, this glitter has clear base so you can top up on any eyeshadow. It dry quickly after you apply, it can also buildable to create more intense look. But I more prefer with fine glitter, this has quite big glitter. 

KOJI lash Concierge
A little bit of Koji, it was the first maker in Japan to sell false eyelashes ( in japan Tsuke-matsuge). They wanted to enhance the beauty of geisha's eyes which led to the development of false eyelashes. 

My review :

-Have soft base
- the eyelashes is soft
- comfortable wearing 
- look natural


Overal, all I wanted for a false eyelashes is that it is comfortable to wear, and doesn't poke my eyes, and also enhance my natural eyelashes. This is a good eyelashes. 

BB cream
This BB cream is rank #1 on the Japanese cosmetics information site@cosme and on the largest e-commerce website Rakuten. This Bb cream contain spf 31 PA++ , placenta and EGF. So the added benefit is that it can be your daily foundation with little coverage, even out your skin tone at the same time it have placenta and EGF act as a skincare. Haven't  tried it on. 
- easy to work on the skin
- even out my skin tone
- contain SPF 31 PA++ 
- product is too little, gonna finish it within 5 days. 
- feeling a little bit sticky after applied it on
Overal, I think this is a fair product. It have sun protection which is great for malaysia weather. Easy to apply, and it does give light coverage, and can go for daily look if you don't have too much skin problem. 
Cosme Powder Foundation 
This is a powder foundation. It come in a shade 3 and it's a little dark for my skin tone. It contain spf 15. 
My review: 
- Is not powdery
- stay on skin
- skin don't look cakey
- skin look smoother
- come in a cute packaging with big mirror, so i guess it will be great in everyday bag for touch up. 
- the colour is not suitable for me
Overal, it glides on smoothly on my face, doesn't make me look cakey, is just that the colour doesn't suitable for me. 
If you want to get all these product that worth $200, you only need to pay $32 at Tokyo Luxe. 
Here the link to get you to their website :

New Laneige Water Bank_AD with Biogene Technology

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Any Laneige skincare lover? 
A lot of you might already know this brand, it's from Korea, and the ambassador is the famous beautiful actress Song Hye Kyo. I've know this brand about 8 years ago, when i was travelling to Korea, I bought their compact powder which has the unique packaging. I really love it and I still keep the packaging. 

Tory Burch Kuala lumpur opening July 2014

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I'm so excited to know that Tory Burch is opening soon this month in Pavilion Kuala lumpur Mall. Tory Burch is a brand from America. Tory burch is the Ceo and also the designer for her own brand. Her design is full of colour, printed and eclectic details. You have to check out her clothes, bags and shoes collection. I wanna get tory burch flats. 
Let me know if you are waiting for Tory Burch to hit malaysia store too ! 
They are now open at Pavilion shopping Mall Kuala Lumpur. 

My 24th Birthday

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Yeah I'm turning 24 this month, and I'm super happy that I'm still alive and I'm super blessed with everything that's going on my life. I'm grateful that everyone around me is so amazing. I have ups and downs, but that doesn't make me give up as a human. My entire 24 years of life has been really really incredible, I have meet a lot of friends, I've been through so much that I realised that everything happened for a reason, and if I can't think through it I just need to have faith and keep going.
I want to thank you for everything ! I am really grateful! I celebrate my birthday  twice this year, with my parents and siblings at Sabah, and at Kuala lumpur with my friends and family here. This year, I'm celebrating my birthday with Aloha summer birthday theme. 

Lancome Advanced Génefique Youth activating concentrate Review

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I recently added a new product to my daily skincare routine, it is the Lancome New advanced genefique youth activator. A youth activator, wow sound interesting right ? It claim to brighten up your skin in just first 7 days of using it. This serum also targeting 10 key signs of youth : Texture, resiliency, elasticity, firmness, sageness, fine lines, wrinkles, radiance, even skin tone, and clarity, give result in 7 days. Does it work on my skin ? Is this a magic portion that can really make you look younger ? 


Product name: Lancome Advanced Genefique Youth activating Concentrate

Price: Rm275 30ml , Rm 360 50ml, 75ml Rm485


Suitable for : All skin types

How to use: Apply this morning /night, after cleansing and toner.

Where to buy: Nationwide Lancome counters

This is the product packaging. The design is very luxury feeling, it's made out of glass bottle, the cap is plastic. 
The packaging is design to prevent leakage, you can close the cap until you hear a click sound to activate the safety lock. 

I like that they included a dropper, I think it is more hygienic and good control of how much product you want. Beside that, the dropper self loading, you just need to pump out the product, so it is an amount that you apply directly to your face.

The texture not too watery or sticky, it's easy to absorb, once you swipe on your face, a few second then it will fully absorb.

jenngorgoeus' ratings

My review: 

- suitable for all skin type
- not sticky
- absorb quickly
- nice packaging, easy control of how much product you need. 
- light serum that doesn't feel oily
- Improve my skin texture, smoother
- skin look glowing after 7 days 
- skin look firmer after 7days 

- quite expensive

Overall, I like this serum, after I apply it on my face, it doesn't feel sticky or greasy. It absorbs very quickly. The texture is not too watery and too sticky so it helps to glide on smoothly. I was a bit skeptical that it's going to show the result after 7 days, but my skin show that the result is good, I can see improvement on my skin, I can see that my face is firmer and glowing. I have been under the sun recently, and my skin obviously turn darker now, but this product let my skin look brighter and radiance, so I'm happy with the result. But the downside is the price quite expensive but if you'd like to try out without buying the full sized first,  you can check out their counter for a sample.

What do you think of this serum ? Have you tried it before ? Let me know your thought. 

Disclaimer: This product is provided to me for my 100% honest review. 

My Velashape III slimming treatment Experience

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If you follow me on My Facebook page you probably know that I went to The retreat clinic to try out their slimming treatment called Velashape III. Finally, I blog about it and share with you guys my first experience with Velashape III.

Velashape III slimming treatment can help contour, shape and slim your body. The result can be seen after first treatment, no kidding at all because I tried it myself and I really see the difference before and after. I'm really happy with the result, I notice that my tummy is firmer. It can treat arms, tummy and thighs.

If you worried of pain while doing this treatment, I would say maximum 3 out 10 of the level of pain, you don't have to worry about suffering from pain it only feels like hot massaging and after the treatment your skin might turn red and then feel like mild bruise ( for my case).

I didn't have any side effect. This is a safe slimming treatment suitable for all skin types and colours. It is most effectively treating targeted area that diet and exercise might not able to help, especially for cellulite problem. This is a very famous treatment in the United States, currently in Malaysia The Retreat Clinic is the only one that provide this treatment.

How it works?

So basically how this machine works, it has elōs technology combination of Bi-polar Radiofrequency(RF), infrared Light energy and vacuum to target and heat fatty tissues within the treatment area, their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. The machine will give heat and vacuum to stimulate the growth of new and better collagen and elastin which results in localised reduction on skin laxity, body volume and an overall improvement on skin structure and texture.

This is how the machine look like. 

The treatment was done in a room that look like a facial room, it was comfortable. I was told to changed to the shorts they provided and take off my clothes. Then they measure my tummy and take before treatment photo. After that, I lied down on the bed and the treatment was done by their trained staff, not the doctor.

First she will apply soothing cream to give a protection layer on my skin and also to let the machine to glides on easily.

Then she will start the treatment by setting a suitable heat and other settings. 

 You will feel heat coming out while the machine rolling and vacuum your skin, this process can increase the metabolism of stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage and reduce or shrinks the size of the actual fat cells and fat chambers. While the machine doing its work, the temperature will automatic increase and if you feel too hot you can let the therapist know, she will stop and reapply the soothing cream and start again.

She will do a circular motion start from my left centre part of my tummy.

 You can see the screen on how much time left.

After she had done both left and right centre part, then she moved on to my left side. I'm having 30 minute treatment.

She will use this yellow thing to measure the heat. you can see my skin turn red and it's normal because my skin is more sensitive.

 After my treatment, just a little bit of redness around my tummy and when I touched my skin I felt  like mild bruise.
I am very satisfied with the result that Velashape III has given me, because I really can see the difference from my first treatment,  my tummy area is now more firm up, can you imagine if I go for 4 treatment, I think it will be perfect. But after my first treatment, it make easier to slim down my trouble area by doing exercise and good diet.

If you have trouble area that no matter how much you diet and exercise, you need to try out this treatment, after you done your first treatment, continue with your exercise and diet, the process to let it slim is much easier. This is also great for after baby body, it really helps a lot to quickly get back your shape.

If you are interested on trying out this slimming treatment, they also provided  first trial promotion just check out their website for more info.

For more info:


Fb page: