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Boon4 the new e-delivery service in Malaysia!

Hi beautiful, 
There is a new e-delivery service available in Malaysia. It is called Boon4. It is a platform where it connects driver and sender thats required a delivery services. And it also claim to be South East Asia's first delivery service that is "on the way" and zero packaging cost. And that's why Boon4 able to provide fast, low cost delivery for senders and rewards driver for trips that they already taking.   Anyone can send via Boon4 today! If you travelling a lot, why not sign up for the driver account. You can earn back your petrol and probably extra pocket money. Download today Google play  or App store. Do you want to get 10% off ? Use my referral code: Boon4JENN  

Guide to Catholic Wedding preparation in Malaysia

Hi Beautiful, 
Are you planning for a wedding ceremony in a catholic church? I'm going to share my experience on how to get married in a catholic church. I had my wedding ceremony at St Ignatius Church Petaling Jaya. I had no idea how to do it at first and with no guidelines. I asked a few people in the church and went to the church office to get more details on the marriage service. 
I had a bad experience on preparing my wedding ceremony, there were no Choir team, commentator and reader for my wedding mass. My original plan was to have an english wedding mass,  because of my last minute request the person in charge was unable to help me. The admin is trying to help me out, and asked the person if she can find a way, but she was not into it at all. At that time all I can think of is that I ruined my own wedding due to my misunderstanding for timing of the arrangement. Because I always thought they already know who is going to get married next and ready to do the service. I was so wrong to think that, and it is why I almost ruined my own wedding. I should get it done way earlier by calling the person in charge and inform them 3-4 months before my wedding date.

La Senza Valentine's Day Set

Hi beautiful, 
February is definitely one of the reason to get something sexy something fun for yourself. Luckily I check out La Senza and I got the perfect gift for myself (my hubby loves it). They are having special promotion just for Valentine's day.If you are looking for a birthday gift or something for your special one, you need to go to the mall right away and grab this promotion! I bought Set 1 come with one sexy bra, one sexy panty, one sexy sleep and one remix panty. If you are their member you get extra 10% discount, and if you want to but the gift box is at RM6.50. Total spending RM276.50.

Happy to be back, and I'm Married!

Hi beautiful, 
Happy New Year 2019! How are you? It's been a while! I want to start updating my blog starting today! A lot of things happened, and where should I start? The most dramatic changes going to be my relationship status. I'm married to the love of my life. Until today I'm still a bit shock that I'm actually married! Being a wife is totally different than being his girlfriend, he is more caring than ever and spoiling me everyday. He is a gift from God! I'm so grateful to be his wife. I created this love story timeline, so you know a little bit about me and my husband.