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List of Malaysia Online Beauty Store

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hello Beautiful, 

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. 

"I'm not lazy, I just don't have time to go shopping. I run out of makeup and skincare." No more excuses ladies, you can be busy and still have time to shopping for makeup or skincare. This is a list of Online Beauty Store that is available in Malaysia. 

1. Sephora

This is an"Asian" Sephora website. It offers delivery to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. You can purchase most of the famous international beauty brand here. Such as Urban Decay, Becca, Zoeva, Benefit, Too faced, SKII, Burberry, Clarisonic, etc. And I love that my Sephora black member card can actually work both in the store and website. But I'm not happy with the return policy, because there is no free return, and refund only via cash voucher . 
Payment : Credit card, paypal, cash on delivery( KL area), Online bank transfer.
Shipping Fee: Free delivery for orders Rm80 and above, RM20 for orders below Rm80 
Return Policy: within 14days (shipping is not refundable)
Loyalty : As a White Card member you are entitled to exclusive rewards and privileges:
  • Welcome Gift which can be redeemed in store only
  • Welcome Voucher that can be redeemed online only at checkout
  • Birthday offers and 2x points
  • Exclusive updates and special offers 
  • No Membership Cards will be issued if you sign up online 
As a Sephora Black member, you are entitled to exclusive rewards and privileges:
  • 10% discount voucher/s. Voucher/s are for one time use only and valid for 6 months. Not valid with other promotions and discount.
  • Every subsequent 250 points accumulated will entitle you to a 10% discount on your next purchase in-store or online.
  • Birthday offers and 2x points
  • Exclusive invites to Sephora private sale, events, workshops and updates on offers and promotions.

    2. Hermo

    Are you Asian beauty product lover? You can find Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese brand here. You can rest assured that you are buying original product because they are authorised seller. 
    Payment: Credit card, Paypal, Online bank transfer, manual transfer
    Shipping fee: Free delivery for orders 2 item and above, Rm6.80 for order less than 2 items.
    Return Policy: return within 14days ( hermo will cover Rm5 of return fee) 
    Loyalty: As a Gold membership
    • requirement: Spend more than Rm1000 
    • enjoy1.5% discount every purchase
    As a Platinum membership
    • requirement: spend more than Rm2000
    • enjoy3% discount every purchase

    3. Hishop

    In this online store, beside beauty products, you can buy health food such as detox tea, vitamins, collagen and more. 
    Payment: credit card, paypal, online bank transfer, cash on delivery ( KL, Selangor, Johor) 
    Shipping fee: Free delivery for orders RM100 above, Rm10 for orders below RM100. 
    Return Policy: within 14 days( shipping is not refundable)
    Loyalty: Earn and collect Hishop Points, Every 100points exchange Rm1. 

    4. The Body Shop

    You can purchase The body shop products through online now. The best part is that you can make an online gift purchase, and even arrange a specific date to be delivered.

    Payment: credit card, online bank transfer, cash on delivery ( KL, Selangor, Johor) 
    Shipping fee: Free delivery for orders RM100 (WM)RM150( EM) above , Rm10(WM)RM15(EM) for orders below RM100
    Return Policy: within 14 days( shipping is not refundable)
    Loyalty: Every month offer different promotion. 

    5. Mac Cosmetic Malaysia

    This is an official M.a.c cosmetic online store. Some of the Mac product you can only get certain through their online store. The best part about this website, is that you can personally email an artist, you can any question about how to apply your makeup, and which product suit you.

    Payment: credit card, online bank transfer
    Shipping fee: free delivery for purchase above Rm200. shipping fee RM12.70 (wm), RM21.20( em)purchase Below Rm200 
    Return Policy: within 14 days( shipping is not refundable)
    Loyalty: Every month offer different promotion on website ( currently free delivery on any purchase (until 30/6/2016).

    6. Colours Cosmetics

    You can purchase USA drugstore makeup brand such as jordana, nyx, Iheart, and EOS lipbalm. 

    Payment: online bank transfer, manual bank transferShipping fee: free delivery for purchase above Rm150. shipping fee RM5.50 (wm), RM10.50( em)purchase Below Rm200 Return Policy:must contact them within 48 hours, only refund in store credit ( with 3 month expiration date) ( return shipping is refundable )  Loyalty: Reward program, earn 1 point for every Rm1 purchase. Receive freebies for all orders.  

    7. Althea

    Korean fever ! More and more korean beauty product online store available in Malaysia. I love how they put effort on the parcel packaging, beside that you can get free shipping for purchase above Rm150.

    Payment: online bank transfer, Paypal, credit cardShipping fee: free delivery for purchase above Rm150. shipping and handling fee Rm34 for below Rm150. Return Policy:within 30 days(  RM6 of shipping fee refundable)Loyalty: For new customer sign up for newsletter Get RM15 credit (without minimum purchase), enter "Jenngorgeous" Get RM5 off your purchase. 

    8. Seoul Next By You

    Another Korean beauty store, but this webstore also provides dropship service, you can purchase any korean website and they can arrange for delivery to Malaysia. Repacking service also available in order to have all your order to be ship. 

    Payment: online bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, manual transfer.Shipping fee: Shipping charges according to weight. Return Policy:within 30 days(  RM6 of shipping fee refundable)

    9. Shins

    This is another famous beauty store in Malaysia, they are also now available through Online. You can find a lot of brands that is not available at other beauty store. 

    Payment: online bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, manual transfer
    Shipping fee: free delivery for purchase above Rm100.
    Return Policy:contact them within 24 hours ( shipping fee non refundable)
    Loyalty: Free gift wrapping service. 

    10. Natta Cosme
    Natta Cosme started from 2011, they carried authentic products from USA, UK, Taiwan and Japan. I think this is the only beauty website that offer gift voucher( you can buy any amount).You get 2 free sample in every order. You can pay via 7-11Cash payment ( I never tried this before).

    Payment: online bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, manual transfer, 7-11 cash Payment
    Shipping fee: free delivery for purchase above Rm100.
    Return Policy: 14days satisfaction guarantee, return within 14 days ( Rm6 shipping fee refundable) 

    If you know any website that sell beauty products that is not in the list, please leave a comment down below and I'll add it in. I will update more in the future. 

    Jemile Fran Beautifying Shampoo and treatment Review

    Wednesday, June 22, 2016
    Hello Beautiful,
    Today I'm going to have a hair product review for you girls. So I've been trying out this shampoo for about two weeks now. I'm sure that most of us have smooth and beautiful hair. Okay let's be honest here, I don't have long and smooth hair, I have hair extension and damaged hair. I don't like to wash my hair because it takes ages to dry and I have to detangled almost every single strained of my hair. I want a product that can help to make my hair feel alive again. Recently I was invited to Jemile Fran event. This is a hair care brand from Japan. The exclusive event was held at Number76 Starhill. At the event, they pampered us with Jemile Fran product. That's the first time I tried out jemile fran hair shampoo and treatment. After that day, I went home and started using jemile fran shampoo every time I wash my hair. So let's get started with my review.
    Jemile Fran hair shampoo and treatment available in normal to coarse hair, and fine hair. In every bottle of jemile fran shampoo, it contains fine hyaluronic acid and protein CMADK*2. So basically these two main ingredients will help in reducing tangles problem. The main reason why hair tangle is because our hair cuticle is in distorted condition. So when fine hyaluronic acid penetrate in the hair cuticle, it will expand into circular form. With the help of CMADK the expanded hair will not tangle even after you blow drying. This is why Jemile Fran claimed that beautiful hair texture can be achieved from shampoo ! 

    For my current hair problem, I was suggested using the normal to coarse hair. This is how shampoo packaging look like. It is a plastic bottle in pink colour. You can just squeeze out the product.

     The shampoo is clear transparent with light sticky texture. It creates bubbly hair shampoo. And it has a peony fragrance which smell really nice.

    The Pros: 

    • Hair less tangle ( very impressive )
    • leaving a light good scent of peony fragrance on the hair
    • hydrate the hair
    • Hair feel refresh and clean
    • it save me time on blow drying

    The Con: 

    Probably nothing on the product itself. The only problem is that it is not available everywhere, you might only can buy it from Number76 ( I'm not so sure, check out MILBON MALAYSIA. )So you might need to stock up few just in case you run out of it. It is a bit pricey, for 200ml Rm80(But for sake of your tangle hair)

    Overall - 4 / 5 

    This shampoo is doing a great job, it does really give me a lesser tangle hair after wash. My hair feel clean and smoother. I like the whole packaging, simple and pretty in pink. And I'm very impressed that my hair take lesser time to blow dry now. Although it doesn't magically turn my hair into a super healthy one, but at least it really look more manageable and less frizzy. I highly recommend that you girls try out this shampoo, I'm sure you will see a difference before and after. I just wish that it come is a bigger size packaging with a better deal. 

    Jemile Fran hair treatment available in two types, Silky x shiny or Juicy x glossy. For silk x shiny hair treatment it contain smooth lipid which makes the hair feel silky smooth and shinier. As for the Juicy x glossy, it contain moisture lipid which can rejuvenate hair and achieving a glossy looking hair

    jemile fran hair treatment is in a pretty pink stripe tube. I think everyone will love the packaging design. I love how pretty packaging will affect my mood while using a product. 

    It has rich creamy texture. Just squeeze out roughly 50cents, or more if you have lots of hair. I'm sure you will enjoy your shower with this treatment, because it smell relaxing and calming. It has pure peony fragrance. 

    The Pros: 

    • creamy texture easily distribute on the hair
    • nice scent ( even my fiance notice, and give me a compliment)
    • easily wash off, doesn't feel oily
    • hair feel silky smooth after use
    • Hair look healthier and glossy after blow dry 

    The con:

    So far it's a good product, nothing to highlight. But if you insist on something, probably the tube packaging, because you might ended up with some left out in the tube, and you need to cut it off to just take it out( troublesome). 

    Overall - 4/5

    I like it! I'm glad that this treatment works well on my hair. I don't know if you girls have encountered before that some treatment seem like stick on your hair and its hard to wash it off, and after you blow dry your hair look oily. This treatment is good it doesn't leave any oily feeling or looking after use. I can't help from keep touching my hair because after I blow dry, my hair feel smoother than ever. I wish that I can easily buy it through online. 
    I hope you girls enjoy reading my review. If you girls have any question, please leave me a comment down below. Also if you are currently using this shampoo, you can leave your personal review in the comment box down below, I wanna know how you feel about this product. 
    For guys, this is also a great gift. They do sell in a set like this and it come with a free travel kit. You can purchase this at Number76.
    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with 100% honest review. 

    Superthai Restaurant Food Review ( Non halal)

    Thursday, June 16, 2016
    Hello beautiful, 
    Who love Thai food here ? I love Thai food for its texture, complexity of taste and vibrant colour. When I was Invited to go for a food review at Superthai restaurant at Damansara Uptown with other bloggers. I'm quite excited! Finally my craving for sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter get satisfied. This restaurant serve Pork. This restaurant is located at Damansara Uptown nearby Wondermilk, and it is at 2nd floor. The whole restaurant setting is simple and comfortable. This restaurant suitable for couple, friends and family to enjoy. The price range is from Rm2 - Rm50. It is suitable for family and friends. You can enjoy lunch and dinner here. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12-2:30pm and 6-9:30pm. 

    This is the menu of the restaurant. 

    This is the Luncheon Meat Fried Rice. I like this fried rice because it is not oily!Personally I think that cooking fried rice really need a good skills. Although this come with luncheon meat but it is not overly salty. You can just keep eating it !

    Any fried and crunchy food is my thing. This is the soft bone chicken knuckle(Rm18). This is one of my favourite dish from Superthai! You cannot stop munching on these. The sauce that come with is sweet and spicy.

    You can't go wrong with crispy omellete (Rm12) like this right? This is just some basic dish that you have to ordered just incase everything you don't like, at least you got this delicious omelette.

    Complete your Thai meal with TomYam soup(Rm8). You can request for the level of spiciness, so for those who can't take it, just let them. But be daring and enjoy the flavour ok !

    Fried Kang Kong( Rm12). Can't take spicy dish ? This fried kangkong is not spicy. 

    This is the flamed grilled pork belly (Rm25).  If you have a bowl of hot white rice, imaging eating this, how many bowl of rice you think you can finish. I'm sure I can at least 2 bowl of rice.

    This is the flame grilled pork neck(Rm27). This is one of Superthai chef recommended special dish.

    This is the Stuffed Squid. You can see the squid is stuffed with minced pork meat, and dressing with lime, chili and garlic. This is an interesting dish, I like the texture when bitting into the squid.

    After meal, you have to get a dessert. Red ruby jack fruit ( Rm10). This bowl of dessert is super creamy, and give you that complete satisfactory! 

    Origins Skincare Haul

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016
    Hello beautiful, 
    Last week, I went to Mid Valley. I was looking for a new sunscreen protector cream for my face. And I had no idea what brand should I buy. I want a sunscreen that has no Paraben and all other harmful ingredients. I went into Origins Store for the first time, and found one that I liked. They were having Mother's day Promotion that I cannot resist. So I ended up buying few products. A little bit about Origins, it is a brand from US and has been around for 25 years. It has range of products from head to toe. They fomulated their product without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, animal ingredients, paraffin, DEA, synthetic fragrance, PABA, and petroleum. 
    This is my new face sunscreen protector. Mega Defense SPF 45 PA++++ has a watery texture, easily distribute on the skin. It feels like applying good oil on your skin. My skin feel moisturised. It has lovely scent which you barely find in any other sunscreen protector. Its formulated with a 100% non chemical composition and contains Opuntia Cactus Extracts that gives it skin-strengthening properties. It is selling at Rm180. 
    This is one of the Mother's day promotion sets. This set contain of three bestseller mask. I'm getting 30 ml each tube. So basically, the pink tube (retexturing mask with rose clay)-act like a scrub, The green tube( Overnight mask)- hydration mask, black tube( active charcoal mask)-clearing pores. I tried out the Drink up Intensive overnight mask, and also the active charcoal mask for just one time, so I don't have any comment yet. Will update with you guys soon. It is selling at Rm86.

    This is another Mother's Day promotion sets. A full sized of Origins Make a difference Plus + , 50ml of lotion, 15ml of serum, and also 50ml of cleansing milk. I liked that it is a lightweight moisturiser. The texture of the moisturiser is like gel type, and absorb quickly by the skin. And the scent is lovely, lift up my mood. If you get this set, not only getting extra products, it is also cheaper than its original price. It is selling at Rm173.

    These are all the products I bought from Origins. I will talk more in detail on how I feel about this brand once I use all the product after a month. Before I say goodbye, Origins makes me a happy customer because if you joined their membership, you can get unlimited mini facial, you just need to make appointment. So do check them out :)

    Disclaimer: I paid for all the products, not a sponsored post. 

    My favourite Hair curler - GHD

    Wednesday, April 13, 2016
    Hello beautiful, 
    I'm so excited to share with you guys my favourite hair tool brand from UK is now available in Sephora Malaysia. The brand is called GHD. Have you guys heard of this brand before? 
    I remember few years ago, I got my first ghd hair straightener. I use it every single day, to straighten and curl my hair. Then I found out that my ghd has no authentication id that it should have with it. But to be honest it was so good that I love it for a very long time, until I accidentally forget to switch it off and it died. So I thought even the knock off is that good, the real stuff must be amazing too. And so I decided to get the authentic ghd from their website, but they didn't provide international shipping. I was quite upset and settled with another brand. 
    Recently I went for a movie at The garden.  Before the movie start, I went to visit Sephora store, when I saw a section of GHD,  I was so happy and I think scream a little bit ( dramatic moment). I even double checked if it is the brand that I'm waiting for the longest time ever. The price is so expensive, around Rm899 to Rm1200 ( if I'm not mistaken). I'm thinking whether to take the hair straightener  or the new hair curler. So I didn't make my purchase directly on the same day. Because of the price, I have to think twice to get it or not. So I went home, and keep thinking about it. Until my fiancĂ© surprised me on our engagement party. He told me that I look great with curly hair and thats why he decided to get me the ghd soft curl tong
    This is how the hair curler look, it's in black. A sleek design, it has la arge 32mm barrel. It featured with tri-zone technology , which means it can locks in your curls with the right, even heat. It has advanced ceramic coating for smoother curling. It will heated up to 185 Celsius. 
    You need to press and hold to turn on or off , it will make a light and sound indication on/off or ready to use. It can automatically turns off if let unattended for 30 minutes. This is one of the special features that you can find on a ghd tools. 

    My review

    Product Information
    Product name: ghd soft curl tong
    Product price: (update soon)
    Where to get: At all sephora store

    What do I look for in a good hair curling tool ? 
    First , I want it to curl my hair nicely and evenly. Besides that, I also want the curl to last whole day. That's simple ! 
    After a month using this hair curler, my hair is depending on it right now. It gives a perfect curls to my hair. I noticed that the curls can last whole day even second day/ third day (if I'm not washing my hair). I didn't use any hair spray to hold my curl, the curls will loosen a little bit because thats the way Iike my curls to look like.  Highly recommend that you guys try it out at Sephora store, you can do your whole hair and see how the curls holding up.  The price is definitely expensive, but this is an investment. You don't have to worry that your curl will be gone half of your day. And you only need a little of styling product to hold up your curls. I'm sure you will love it like I do !  I will do a separate blogpost and video tutorial on how to use this hair curler. 
    Disclaimer: This is my 100% honest review, I was not affiliated or paid to do this review. This product was given by my fiancè.

    Physicians Formula is available in Malaysia

    Saturday, April 2, 2016

    Hello beautiful, 

    Another famous drugstore makeup brand is now available in Malaysia, it is the Physians Formula.
    Never heard of Physician Formula before? This brand has been around since 1937, and it is created by a leading Los Angeles allergist for his wife skin sensitive. All the products is formulated  free from 130+ skin irritants ingredients. So if you have sensitive skin, and having hard time of finding a suitable makeup products, you might like their products. My first experience trying out Physicians Formula is by applying their organic mascara, I fall in love with the mascara because it doesn't smudge and the formulation is from natural and without harmful ingrdients. I don't know why I never share this awesome mascara on my blog. But I will do a full review on the mascara soon. 

    Physicians Formula is selling at the price range of Rm39-RM82. It is selling at a fair price. But I found that you can get cheaper price if you buy through, I did the calculations and it showed that the price is cheaper including shipping than the price selling at Watson. But You need to wait for it to ship it to you. If you are new to iherb then you can use my discount code, which you can save $5 (discount code= JUQ379) . I'm a regular customer of and I received my parcel in a good condition and within the estimated time. You don't have to worry buying products through 
    My recommendations product from Physicians Formula: 
    This is my favourite mascara from Physicians Formula.
    If you are interested on trying out this makeup brand , you can find in Watson outlet : Sunway Pyramid, One Utama, KLCC, Paradigm Mall, The Mines, Pavilion, and Times Square. 
    My Shopping tips: 
    # Buy cheaper price from , if you are not in a hurry. 
    # Try out the shade at watson store, apply it directly on your skin, wait a few minutes and decide on which colour suit you best. 
    # Have to get watson Vip membercard, to collect points to exchange cash !