About Me

Dear Gorgeous,
Welcome to www.jenngorgeous.com.
First I wanna thank you for taking your time visiting my site. My name is Jennie Kuay. I'm passionate about makeup, fashion and life. This is a site where you can find beauty reviews, makeup reviews, tutorials, personal photos, sharing my life. I wanted this site to be a special place where we have the opportunity to become friends, and we talk about makeup and fashion, nothing too serious just enjoying sharing and inspiring each other.  Don't be lazy to dress up, feeling pretty is the easiest why to boost up Confidence! We can achieve anything with confidence. 

Please don't be shy to leave a comment on my blog or email me jenngorgeous@gmail.com, you can ask question regarding skincare, makeup, or fashion. You can also request for any product review, or any tutorials. 

For sponsorship or collaboration : jenngorgeous@gmail.com

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