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MCO Hair Salon - DIY Hair Colouring

Hey beautiful, 
I hope everyone stay safe and stay at home during this time. It’s been around 35 days since I'm staying at home stay inside to be safe from Covid-19. I spend my entire month staying home. My hair colour started to look ugly bleached hair colour. I can’t stand it anymore! I also wanna look fresh. I don't think any salon is open for business right now until we are safe to back in the street again. I find it easy to use bubble foam colouring, because it is easy to do. 

My Wedding Car

Hi Beautiful, 
I'm back again and today I want to share about my wedding car. While I'm planning for my wedding, I actually almost forget about it. Maybe because I don't really care much about wedding car. For me it just doesn't feel right to rent a luxurious limo or anything. As long as my wedding car can take me from point A to point B safely and on time. I do understand that it is a special day, a lot of people want something special. I don't mind using my own car but I have one particular car that I really like to have it for my special day. It is the Volkswagen Kombi, it is such a cute car. And it is still in my wish list to own it. 

I went on google to find out if there is any Kombi available for rent in Kuala Lumpur. And I found two of them, one is in yellow colour and the other one is blue colour. I ended up with the blue Volkswagen Kombi named Smurfette. It's our perfect ride. We also decorated our wedding car ourself using tulle. I think it was simple and nice. We decorated it two days before our wedding day. And luckily that Smurfette did not have any problem on that day. My photographer Munkeat share with us that he also rented the same Kombi for his bridesmaids and groomsmen. But unfortunately, it break down on his wedding day. Smurfette is an old grandma, so be sure to have plan b if you planning to hire her. I'm not sure if I've taken a photo with our driver uncle that day, it is a chaotic day for me. I can still feel the pressure of rushing till today. 


If you are planning for your own wedding, you need to make sure that your wedding car condition, a clear itinerary for the driver. And also plan b what if the car break down. But don't worry I think grab is there to help in such short notice :) As for decoration, you can have it decorated by florist or by your bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you want to decorate it yourself, just be creative and make sure when you attach all the decoration firmly. 

How to get rid of pimples fast?

Hi Beautiful, 
I hate it when pimples popping just to annoyed me! And especially right before any special occasion that I need to look flawless. I knew it when I can see red bump and pain to touch. My skin type is normal to dry skin, I'm thankful that I never had acne phase in my life. But sometimes breakout will happen, I learn a few tips to easily get rid of my pimples. 

Novu x Butterfly Tea Party Session

Hi beautiful, 
How long does a facial treatment usually take? I always spend at least 2 hours to get my facial done. Which I don't mind taking time to relax. But it's hard to find that kind of time. I need a fast and effective treatment to look like as if I have time to just chill and go for a facial. What if I tell you there is a 10 minutes facial treatment? 

The butterfly project invited me to Novu tea party session at Sunway Pyramid Parkson. Novu aesthetic provide 10 minute facial treatment, this is what we all need! In just 10 minutes, using their non invasive laser machine it can improve skin clarity, increasing collagen production, lightening pigmentation, and controlling acne breakouts. And almost to no downtime.