How to get rid of pimples fast?

Hi Beautiful, 
I hate it when pimples popping just to annoyed me! And especially right before any special occasion that I need to look flawless. I knew it when I can see red bump and pain to touch. My skin type is normal to dry skin, I'm thankful that I never had acne phase in my life. But sometimes breakout will happen, I learn a few tips to easily get rid of my pimples. 
1. Don't touch it. 
I enjoy touching my red bumps and the urge to pop it! But don't do it guys! Don't be like me okay! Tried it and it get worse. Just stop touching it :) 

2. Don't apply weird stuff on it. For example toothpaste, just don't risk it. 

3. Acne patch ( must have weapon) 
It is great to stop your from touching it. I use medicated acne patch. When it is red and inflamed, I'll stick it on. I recommend to use it overnight and next morning the inflammation reduces. If it becomes whitehead, continue to use it throughout the day. Once you peel it off, you don't have to squeeze it, it will suck the gunk out. It also help to conceal your pimples. 

4. Daily skincare routine 
Cleanse, toner then stick on your acne patch then apply moisturiser to the rest of your face and sunscreen in the morning. 

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