MCO Hair Salon - DIY Hair Colouring

Hey beautiful, 
I hope everyone stay safe and stay at home during this time. It’s been around 35 days since I'm staying at home stay inside to be safe from Covid-19. I spend my entire month staying home. My hair colour started to look ugly bleached hair colour. I can’t stand it anymore! I also wanna look fresh. I don't think any salon is open for business right now until we are safe to back in the street again. I find it easy to use bubble foam colouring, because it is easy to do. 

Recently I’ve been doing just dance as my cardio at home and my favourite song by Black Pink. I googled them and I found out that Black Pink has collaborate with Mise En Scene. They come in a few choices of colour, green, red, orange, and pink. I choose pink in the shade of "Bubble Pink" because it's my favourite colour. And I want to see if it will turn out as good as the photo shown on the box. 
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If you are looking for a great product for hair colouring I can recommend Hello Bubble. But before you do your own hair colouring, you need to bleach your hair before your trying to colourful colour. You own hair colour will come different shade or result. Hello bubble also come in the bleach pack. So you can bleach your own hair. My hair is previously bleach by professional hair stylist ( My favourite Hikky from Number76). I'm satisfied with the outcome after my diy hair colour, I give it A+ for self colouring. 
How-to Step: 
1. Start with dry hair, change to your unwanted tshirts
2. Wear gloves
3. Mix  all 1, 2, 3
4. Pump on your hand before applying from top to bottom 
5. Remember to apply evenly and massage everything like when you washing your hair. 
6. Leave it for 30 mins
7. Rinse then shampoo 
8. Rinse until no colour or bubble
9. Apply hair treatment and rinse again. 
10. Blow dry and style it.
Besides that, you need have enough product to work with your hair. My hair length is until my waist, I use two and half bottle almost three bottle is more than enough. My advice is to get an extra box if your hair is over shoulder length. 
My hair after colouring is not too drying I think still the same like before. I also use all of the treatment that come with the kit. And I will continue to keep doing treatment whenever I wash my hair to keep my hair looking healthy. 
Where to buy ? 
I'm not sure if you can buy it from any store here in Malaysia, if you know any please share with us in the comment box down below. So if you wanna buy you can still search @shopee just search "hello bubble". If you want to get RM10 promo code you can get from here Promo code (new user).


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