How to wear the perfect Swimwear for your body type?

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What kind of swimwear compliment your body type ? Here's simple guide for you to choose what's best swimwear for you to rock the pool or beach this summer. Make sure you get something comfortable and something that can shine out your confidence. 

1. Busty
You want to put them in place, find something that come with underwire. Or choose something with thick straps to balance the outcome. Try to avoid tiny little bikini top, because it's not gonna look good on you.
From left: 6 Shore Road

2. Flat chested
Ruffles ruffles ruffles going give an illusion bigger boobs. Or you can find some padded bikini top. Printed material will be great too. hover_share
From Left : Lolli swimwear

3. Flat Booty
You don't have to worry, you need a bottom that come with bold print or ruffles or even a big bow or anything that can distract from noticing flat booty. You want to get something that can show a little cheek instead of full coverage bottom. 
From left:MinkPink 
  L*space swimwear 
Zimmermann Swimwear 
4. Big Booty 
Then you can rock the high wasted full coverage bottom. You can wear a single colour bottom and focus on printed material on the top. You might wanna avoid high cut bikini, I bet it's not gonna be comfortable you might end up wearing like a thong. 
from left: 

5. Athletic body type
You don't have curves ? Create illusion for curvy body, wear monokinis or swimsuit with cutouts. 
Ruffles on top and mini bottom. 

6. Big Tummy 
You can get Shaping Swimwear that can suck everything in place. Or find something with peplum design to hide or conceal big tummy. 

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