Novu x Butterfly Tea Party Session

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How long does a facial treatment usually take? I always spend at least 2 hours to get my facial done. Which I don't mind taking time to relax. But it's hard to find that kind of time. I need a fast and effective treatment to look like as if I have time to just chill and go for a facial. What if I tell you there is a 10 minutes facial treatment? 

The butterfly project invited me to Novu tea party session at Sunway Pyramid Parkson. Novu aesthetic provide 10 minute facial treatment, this is what we all need! In just 10 minutes, using their non invasive laser machine it can improve skin clarity, increasing collagen production, lightening pigmentation, and controlling acne breakouts. And almost to no downtime. 
A little bit about Novu Aesthetic, it is a franchise aesthetic mini clinic. They bring safe medical aesthetic with low fuss and result driven clinics to all clients. There are four treatments available : Ion infusion, Phyto+ laser, Radiance Light, Regenerative Therapy, and Eye Revital. You can buy combination of these treatment in a package that is suitable for your needs. Besides that, they also selling their own beauty product brand. The price range is from RM60 - Rm300. 

We were served delicious finger food and drinks while waiting for our turn for treatments. During our tea party session, I'm able to try out Novu Revital eye treatment, Phyto+ and Radiance light treatment. For these treatments, they are using different devices. The devices are medical grade so therapist are all well trained and rest assured you are in a good hands. The room where they performed the treatment is clean and quite spacious. 

Before the treatment start, she gently removed my makeup and cleanse my face. then she apply NOVU Enliven Lifting Eye Gel around my eye area. This treatment is using RF machine to massage around my eye area. I can feel warm sensation, no pain at all. 

Novu Revital eye treatment is best for droopy eyelids, laugh lines and dark circles around the eyes.

How it works? 
NOVU Enliven Lifting Eye Gel is applied to infuse the skin with natural antioxidants such as Kakadu Plum, to help defy signs of ageing while priming the eye area for the Eye Fibrotaut treatment. To maximise the absorption of antioxidants, Eye Fibrotaut energy is introduced to heat the tissues from within, resulting in tissue re-modelling. The targeted heat energy also assists in increasing the efficiency of collagen production.

After the eye treatment, she continue with Phyto+ laser treatment. I had to wear the black goggle for protection. She didn't apply any product on my face. Don't be scare, at this point she will try out on the back of your hand first to let you feel the sensation. If I'm not mistaken she is using lower setting for first timer. I can feel very little tingling sensation and smells burning. This is because the laser will burn your super fine facial hair. I tried other laser facial before, comparing to this one, no pain at all! 

Phyto+ laser treatment is best for pigmentation, acne, large pores and fine lines.

How it works? 
The Nd:Yag – (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) laser is a crystal that is used as a laser medium for solid state lasers. Using 1064 nm wavelength, it creates a high-intensity pulsed beam light lasting a mere billionth of a second. The energy emitted is concentrated into very powerful pulses that could penetrate deeper layers of the skin and shatter tiny fragments of pigmentation, stimulate collagen production, and kill bacteria and fungus. Because their contact to the skin is less compared to other invasive lasers, Nd:Yag lasers do not damage surrounding tissue and cause unwanted side effects.

After Phyto+ laser, she continue with radiance light treatment. She change to another devices that has light pulses. I still need the goggle on and when the treatment start I can see super bright light although I'm actually closing my eyes and with the black goggle on. But I feel no pain or any sensation at all. 

Radiance light treatment is best for skin sensitivity/ redness, pigmentation, acne and fine lines.

How it works? 
IPL is divided into Burst-pulse and Singlepulse modes of treatment. In the Burstpulse method (which is the case of Radiance light) fluence is divided into a series of pulses with a delay in between, allowing it to target superficial, as well as, deep pigmentation. This is the reason why in our Radiance light the “flash” is longer, stronger and warmer. It allows selective photothermal (heat) and phototoxicity (can kill bacteria) effect to targeted lesions and can deliver more efficient light doses.

My first impression is definitely great! The treatment is within 15 minutes, very quick, safe and  effective. And no downtime, I can apply makeup after my treatment. It is easy for me to get my treatment done as it is located in the mall. I can just drop by and get my treatment done anytime. I notice that my skin is softer, brighter looking, and comparing my pores before and after obviously smaller. For me the price of RM298 for each session is quite expensive, it is better to take a package you saved a lot from it. And personally I think you still need the traditional facial treatment to get the extraction if you have blackheads and acne, then go for this non invasive aesthetic treatment for visible and long term result.

After my treatment, I brought my hubby for his facial too, he has acne prone skin. He needed more frequent session because his pores is very big! He like this treatment because it is fast and no pain at all. After his treatment, I notice that his face is glowing and pores are visibly smaller after treatment. He bought few session to follow up and skincare product from NOVU. I'll review that on my next blogpost. 
Look at our skin after treatment ! Thank you #butterflymsia for hooking me up with NOVU AESTHETIC. 

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Disclaimer: My facial treatment is sponsored for my 100% honest review. 

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