My Christmas 2013

Hello everyone ! 

Christmas 2013 is over and I enjoyed my christmas with my family. My parents house was having christmas party for our friends and family to come over and buffet style food was prepared. Everyone was enjoying karaoke and dancing until midnight.  We opened our christmas on christmas day sharp 12am, it was the best part of christmas day and of course lots of food. I gained my weight but it is worth it ! We build a photo booth with green and red wallpaper and also this year I bought a big 8 feet tall christmas tree, we took millions of photos. Our christmas theme was blue colour, and our clothes are all coordinated with blue colour. Actually I celebrated christmas twice, early christmas celebration was at Kuala lumpur with two of my Bff and also my bf . It's a mini potluck party where I cook lamb stew (which is super delicious). How about your christmas celebration? 

My sisters from other parents! 

My chubby gummy bear :)

I'm grateful for having my amazing friends and family ! This is the greatest gifts that I ever received !

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