Malaysia FIRST FASHION BOX - Fashion culture box

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 Let me introduce you to Malaysia 1st Fashion BOX subscription- Fashion Culture Box. What's that ? So I think everyone is familiar with beauty box right ? So this is a similar concept where you can subscribe for this box and it will be like a surprise box that you only have the hint of what you will be getting on that particular month, instead of receiving beauty product you will be getting fashion accessories. 

Thanks to Fashion Culture box being so kind to send me a fashion box for me to review. When I received the box, I can't wait to check out what's hiding in the box. It came in a courier plastic and the box is in white colour with the logo printed on it. 


Product name: Fashion Culture Box 

Price : Rm58 including shipping 

Where to get :

When I opened the box, I saw a white ribbon and black paper wrapping with a logo tag. Oh my my what's inside ?? 

Tadahh... I choose The Queen of Fairies box, I was so surprise with the content of the box, because all the items are in my favourite colour -gold. Beside that, there are 2 beauty products. It also came in with a FCZINE which give all the information of the products.

The first item that really caught my eyes, was the Statement necklace. It has few diamonds around the big rose and a pearl that hanging in the centre. The colour for this necklace more to whitish gold. It's not that heavy, quit comfortable around my neck. The quality is fair. All the diamonds also glue nicely, and its not like those necklace that easily break apart. I think I can wear it with a collar blouse.

Second item in this box is the Gentle Wing Ring. It can be adjustable. The quality is fair,  it's also comfortable to wear. It didn't transfer colour to the finger. I like the design of this ring which make me feel simple yet still stand out.

Third item in this box is the Flight of butterflies Bangle. It's look pretty and it fit in my hand perfectly :) The quality is fair. I find it hard to find a perfect size of bangle, they always too loose. Luckily this one fit me :)

Forth item in the box is the Drop of Feather earrings, I have not wear this earring. I can imagine that I'm wearing this with my curly hair and cute little dress.

Fashion culture box also included a nail polish from Bloop and also a snail mask. The nail polish is sheer and buildable. And for the mask I have not try it yet. Will update on it :)

Thats all from Fashion culture first box. Personally, I think this box for the price of Rm58 is acceptable, because all the items that fashion culture box pick for us are according to theme and they come with fair quality and definitely worth more than Rm58. I think this box will definitely save me a lot of time looking for accessories to match my outfit.  I can't wait to see what fashion culture team will choose for the next box. 

I will probably post up my OOTD with these lovely accessories soon. Stay tuned! Don't for to check out
Do you want to subscribe for yourself ? Closed on Friday 7/3/2014

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