Not giving up, just keep walking

A letter for you my friend,

Dear friend,

" I'm a wild dreamer, I can keep dreaming and dreaming. After I dream the beautiful things, I started to do something with it, I started to feel like I'm living in my dream. Since I was a little girl, I have a very good imagination. I always imagine things that I wanted and me believe in it so strongly and I will do anything to make it happened. No matter how hard I fall, I will get back up and keep walking towards my dream. 

I'm a small town girl, and I dare to dream to be where I wanna be. I remembered my first brave move to my dream that I ever made is that I choose to leave my hometown and went to the city to continue my junior high school. I need to stay alone with a family that renting out their room for student. I took a taxi every week to go back to my family, I walked to school every morning, I'm independent since I was 13, I learned a lot of things by my own by mistakes,  no matter what I still keep walking and go to school every single day. I don't think giving up just because I go through a lot of difficulties. Not only I have struggled on my daily basis day that I need to go through but also for 13 years old girl, I have a lot wonders and questions. I told myself to find a solution of my own, it's my dream and I won't easily giving up. I'm proud of my 12 years old decision to follow my dream, I remembered it was end of primary school, I cried and begged my father to let me study at the city, but actually he already decided to let me go, and he purposely wanted to see how badly I wanted to go. I'm happy that I make the first move towards my dream and me keep walking until today to live my dream. I have achieved a lot after I make my first move, randomly picking two example, I have a lovely blog that I can share with people around the world, and I'm grateful and thankful for my life filled with happiness now. I'm not afraid to try, to go forwards to my dreams anymore! 

If you dare to DREAM, you have to start living your dream ! Make the first move:) " 

Yours truly, 

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