Experience Nelly De Vuyst professional treatment – Blu’Mask®

Hello beautiful, 
I remember back when I was still in my secondary school, oxygen mask is very famous. I think the packaging that one that i used was in blue colour. I was introduced that Oxygen mask through a taiwanese show call "女人我最大“.  So after that, a lot of brand came out this kind of mask. It is a very interesting mask, it give you the effect of pumping oxygen in your skin and the result of giving radiant skin complexion. 

Last month, I experienced the Nelly De Vuyst Professional treatment- Blu’Mask® at the Beauty Fair. It is a super-oxygenating mask delivers high doses of oxygen to the skin. The gentle stimulation of this mousse-type mask increases cell renewal and metabolism, blood ad lymph circulation and eliminates toxins for a radiant complexion. 
About Nelly De Vuyst, it is a brand over 40 years. It combined the best of science and nature, providing real people with personalised solutions to their skin care problems. The Nelly De Vuyst products are manufactured in Belgium and held to the highest European quality standards. nelly De Vuyst uses an extensive array of plant extracts and essential oils that are obtained from certified botanical species organically grown and carefully extracted to maintain the wealth and benefits nature provides.
The facial treatment started with removing my makeup, and then cleansing. 

 The benefit of the brush that she was using is to improve the blood circulation of my face.  She is using gentle circular motion, the bristle is hard texture.

Before she applied the star of the day -Blu Mask, which is the oxygenated mask onto my face, she apply cream mask that targeted for firming at side of my face and hydration for other part of my face. 

 Blu mask came out like a mousse. This is a professional product, it is used by professional therapist.

So she covered the Blu mask on my entire face for about 15 minutes.
Although you see there is a lot of bubble on my face, but I didn't feel anything. It was very light. No cooling feeling, but the therapist told me that the part that your face actually have sensitive skin, you will feel itchy. I did felt a bit itchy part of my cheek. I think this is a great pampering session at beauty saloon. 

The result after Blu mask, my skin is glowing right ? Wow, impressive! My skin is glowing and smoother after the facial. I haven't got the update on the beauty saloon that giving out this service around Kuala lumpur, I will update with list of outlet if you want to experience yourself. 

 If you are beauty saloon owner or want to venture to beauty industry, you can definitely check out Nelly De Vuyst. It is exclusively distribute by Aura marketing sdn bhd. You can email them for more info - marketing@auraskincare.com.my. 

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