Little cupcake makes me happy

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How are you today ?


Today I went to sunway pyramid to picked up my sister and we had dinner. After our dinner,  we were both craving for yam cake (anyone know where can I buy real delicious yam cake where you can actually eat the fresh taro, Please let me know, thank you) As we walking , there was a cupcake store (twelve cupcake) and my sister said I must try this, because she tried it before and they are delicious. Actually I saw this cupcake selling somewhere before but I never feel like buying. I'm not a cupcake fan.

But today I feel like I'm joining the cupcake team ! I love their cupcakes ! They are using the real ingredients, you can actually taste the different when the food was prepared with real good ingredients. They are heavenly delicious! Both the icing on top and the cupcake, they are perfectly match . They are not too sweet, when you take the first bite ( should have background sound like you flying to heaven) it is soft and moist ! Tell you a secret , today I ate four cupcakes. It doesn't feel make me feel bloated , I can keep eating and eating but I stop and continue tomorrow. 

From top left Chocolate chip, cookies and cream, red velvet. 
From bottom left Peanut butter jelly, vanilla chocolate, lychee (special)

If you want me to choose one most favourite I would say the vanilla chocolate !! 

Rm6 each / Rm18 trio / Rm34 half dozen/ Rm66 dozen/ and all special flavour for the day will be +Rm1

When you eat something and your eyes closing, that just mean the food is comforting you and you feel very comfortable :) 

After the first cupcake, I'm like can i get another one.

My second cupcake.. yum yum !! 

I actually the third and forth cupcake.I have to share this cupcake with you guys because they brighten me up and they make me feel happy ! I'm celebrating my website New look !! Thank you so much for visiting and take time to read my blog. I promise to blog more for everyone. Maybe someday we can hang out and eat cupcakes together. 

Sunway pyramid shopping mall, One utama shopping centre, mid valley megamall. 
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Any other cupcake that worth trying? Let me know in the comment box down below:) 

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