March Travel to Taipei Taiwan Part 1

Hello beautiful, 
I received the most amazing valentine's day gift this year, I got the chance to travel to taiwan with my love. I was so happy that he surprised me with a handmade boarding pass and I was speechless because I never though of this before. It was all his fault that I have new addiction. I wish I have unlimited pass to go for vacation to all over the world. But I will put that in vision board. I'm not sure if I wanna share My first travelling experience to Taiwan, because its kinda all over the place  but I decided to just share my first experience and it might help anyone that is going for taiwan for the first time also. 
We are travelling by ourself, so we need to plan our itinerary and it was a fun process. We google places and bought few books for reference. And we came out with our own travel itinerary. I have no idea how the weather gonna be, because it was unstable, it could be very cold and windy, and it could be warm. So I was struggling on what clothes to bring with me.So It last minute preparation and I got 2 outerwear to keep me warm, and some clothes for travelling. And I brought along 2 shoes from steve madden, and one of the shoes actually is too small for my feet and it is painful to walk after several hours so I ended up wearing only the boots. 

Before travelling: 

To do list: 
1. flight ticket and hotel 
2. travel itinerary (including places to go, what time, how to go )
3. Money (exchange currency )
4. Passport (make sure 6 months before expiration date) and also visa application if needed (for malaysian you don't have to get visa ) 
5. clothes, skincare and makeup 
6. Book hotel for my pets (cookie and mashimaro) 

Once we arrived Taoyuan airport 

Day 1

We took taxi. If you are landing at the Terminal 2 Taoyuan airport, just go out after you collected your luggage, and it was at your left side, outside the door you don't have to buy taxi ticket. You have queue for taxi. It NWT1200 to Inhouse hotel and it was already midnight. 

We were staying at Inhouse Hotel at Ximending. It was around Rm360 per night for standard double room, we stayed there for 6 days. I forgot to take photos of the room but I google it and put it here for your reference. I like this hotel because it is very convenient  to walk around ximending area. The room is comfortable and clean. The staff is helpful. The toilet is clean and they are using the loccitance brand for body shower, shampoo, conditioner and also lotion. We ask for housekeeping everyday because I like to come back to a clean and tidy room. They change new stuff everytime they clean the room, they added new water bottle, they also added new body shower and shampoo.

Make sure you make special request and let them know what time you will be checking in. The staff here are all good looking, at the moment I was like are you some taiwan artist ?

The exact room that I stayed for my whole vacation. You can book your hotel using , they offer the best price :)

After we checked in and put all our luggage, we went out for late supper. Non halal food from a stall just nearby our hotel.

DAY 2:

Good Morning, we took our breakfast provided by Inhouse hotel.

We are so excited! It was windy and cold.

Xiao Ren Guo 小人国主题乐园
From our hotel, area Ximending, We took taxi to Taipei Songhsan airport No. 5 bus station for 5350 (you can actually see 5350 number at the window of the bus). You don't have to buy ticket first you can pay later when the bus stop at Lungtan Terminal station, the bus driver will wait for passenger to buy ticket. You can buy 2 way ticket and also the entrance ticket for the themepark.

After you took the 5350 bus, you will arrive to this Lung tan terminal station and you can buy your bus ticket and also the entrance ticket.

The bus look like this.

Yeah we finally arrive Window of China Themepark.

You can buy the fish food here and feed the fishes 

Huge fishes, they are hungry :) 
I think you can spend almost 2 - 4 hours here. Suitable for family vacation. I like this theme park because you can enjoy looking all famous building/ architecture that represent each mini Taiwan, mini China, mini Asia, mini Europe and mini America. Beside that, there are also water park and amusement park, kids surely love it here :)

 There is also shows performance provided in the theme park. You can check the schedule here.
This is the African Hot Show. 

 It was 5pm and we get on our bus and get back to Songshan airport. When the bus stopped at one of the bus station,  we thought we are in some area that we wanted to go, but then we got it wrong. Luckily the Taipei Metro is just the other side of the road. We bought 5days Taipei Pass, visitor gets unlimited rides on Taipei metro on Taipei city on Taipei City Buses. 


So we took Taipei Metro and went to HOUSHANPI station EXIT 1 and walk straight and in front of  you'll see traffic light then you cross the road, and then turn right walk straight along the shop and cross the road again you'll see COSMED store and continue walk straight and WUFENPU is at your left side, they are all in the centre. Lots of shop, but they don't carry much for men (especially no XL size, only for S M L) . It was raining on that day, and luckily we brought along umbrella. I bought a lot of clothes here, but the quality is not good. They are cheaper than ximending shop. You can actually ask for discount :)

We took Taipei Metro and back to Ximending station Exit 6 and walk about 5 minutes to our hotels. 
I think thats about my Day 2 at Taipei. Actually our whole trip to Taipei, we didn't eat much. We forget to feel hungry, it's too excited for us to walk around and take photos. 
For me the most important thing that you need to buy when you first arrive Taipei, A simcard, because you need to have connection to google and trust me it will come in handy. It's very cheap only for NWT300 and you get 5 days mobile data and also free NWT50 credits for phone call. It's best to buy it at airport. They will need your passport for registration. The connection is fast and good. 
Let me know if you have any question, or any information that you need. Feel free to leave a comment for me:) Thank you for reading. 

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