My Malaysia Clothes buffet shopping haul

Hello shophaholic, 

Today is the first day of Malaysia clothes buffet event at Taylor's university lake side campus. If you don't know about Clothes buffet, you can read it HERE. I was there around 2pm and took my lunch. After my lunch, I went to clothes buffet in front of starbucks for my 3pm session (their last session for today). 
Tips: You have to able to zip the plastic bag and make sure that it doesn't burst out. If it does, then you have to pay Rm20. 
Tips: If you planning to go afternoon, then you might wanna wear something that suitable for hot sunny day, It's really hot there. 

Beside the clothes Buffet, there is also shopping bazaar. They are selling bikini, clothes, dresses, crop tops, branded bag, handmade products,  "Bag of Love", accessories from FH club and some printed t-shirt. And not forgetting Aussino sales, you can makeover your room by changing your bed sheet.

What I got : 
 I managed to take 5 pieces of clothing within 15 minutes. So basically,  they will refill clothes during the day. But honestly for me, I couldn't find anything that really pretty or suitable for me except for normal tank top, maybe some of the design finish already but I'm not so sure about that. I saw something that I think might suit my sister, I just grab it because the time ticking. I got a pastel purple sweater, a casual sleeveless jumpsuit, and also 3 tank top.

At the shopping bazaar, I got two beauty box.

This Fh club, Rm10 contain mask and 2 earrings. Will let you see more detail tomorrow.
This is another beauty bag, that I got , it's from Bag of love. 
You can get extra lucky draw if you buy there Rm39.90 bag of love. 
Will show you in another blogpost what's inside. 

Do you go to Malaysia clothes buffet? Share with me what you got :) 

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