Glenmorangie Orange Party 2014

Hello party lover, 
Party again? You never say No to a party where we can have fun with friends and dance the whole night, listening to music and just have fun together right?  I went to Glenmorangie orange party at Zouk Kuala lumpur, this is Glenmorangie first artistic theme party where they put up 3D drawing of Glenmorangie and you can take a photo with the drawing. 
Let the photos bring you to the party :) 

Music By Imma Bleep YouUp

Drinks for the night , Glenmorangie Original. 

These are the 3D drawing. Photo taken from Glenmorangie malaysia Fb page. 

Brought home this cute little thing, thanks Glenmorangie

You want to go party with Glenmorangie as well ? Follow their Fb page for more details Glenmorangie Malaysia

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