Krabi short getaway Part 1

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If you follow me on Facebook page you already know that I went to Krabi for a short getaway. And all thanks to Dove because I'm one of the 10 winners of the Skindulgence Instagram contest. My boyfriend was so sweet to accompany me along this short trip. Because the prize was only for One person trip to Krabi, so he paid all the expenses himself. It was our first time here in Krabi. The whole getaway was fun, but we didn't get a chance to go to any island because the weather was not allowing us to go out the sea. At Krabi, we got the chance to learn cooking, visited  krabi attraction places, enjoy massaging, and also we had yoga lesson. 
We took Malaysian Airline to Krabi. Before we went on board, we had our "Wefie" time. Let me introduce my new friends, from left swee san, Yin yin, Evelyn, Lulu, Kylie, Dina, Elana, Sabrina and Sherry. 

From left top : Swee san, Sabrina, Dina, Kylie, Lulu, Elana, Sherry, Yinyin, and Evelyn. 
This is what I ate in flight. Curry chicken with Roti, Delicious :)

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After we arrived Krabi Airport, go through immigration. You have to stand in the blue area while the officer will proceed and check your passport. And they  not friendly. Thy are rude, and they just throw your passport on the table. Which the same experience when I went to Taiwan,  I was wondering do they  have to do that?
Then after we took our bag, we bought our Simcard for 3 days access to 3g connection, it also includes 10 minutes of talking time. It's 200baht

Tour guide from Aonang travel agency picked us from aiport and Sam be our tour guide for 3 days in Krabi. If you were planning to go Krabi, check out their website for their services, I would recommend this agency. Because I think they are reliable agency and they taking good care of us, and they are friendly too.

Our first lunch at Krabi was at A-Hud seafood, the food is good. We were not feeling hungry because we ate at the airport and also food in flight. So I didn't eat much, I remembered the Tom Yam is super spicy (I didn't eat that) and the mango is so sweet, but I can't finish it because the portion is big for me. Everything tastes good. We also had our coconut drink in every meal at Krabi which is addicting because I'm thinking of drinking coconut right now.

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Went in Family mart for a quick shopping time, I was actually came here for mineral water only. But I can't help from checking out what they are selling here in Krabi. They are all in Thai so it's kinda hard to know what is it. 

After our lunch we went to Mercure Krabi Devaana Hotel and checked in, while waiting for our hotel to ready we were served welcome drink. 
My outfit of the day 1. Wearing a see through tops from H&m with a white bikini top and black shorts from F21 and my necklace I got from sarawak village. And my cute wedge slippers from coach. 
The front desk of Mercure krabi devaana hotel.

Small reading area. 

You can chill here and grab a drinks. 

The hotel building. 

We were waiting for our room key.

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Around 230pm we arrived at Ya's Krabi Cookery and we were going to learn Thai traditional food cooking lesson. 

All the ingredients was prepared, and we need to cut them. 

This is where we learn our cooking lesson.

 We also got our recipe books and I bought her special apron for souvenir. It's 300baht.

I'm doing my bang bang before I chop chop. That's how the Miss Ya keep saying, first bang bang then chop chop. The whole class is so fun and I really learn tips and tricks on doing Thai food. Now i can make thai dinner for my family. 

She explained and teach us how to do it very patiently. If you come to krabi, I highly recommended that you come to Ya's cookery and learn how to cook, because she is definitely the expert and you will learn a lot of tips and tricks. The food taste super delicious although we are the one who cutting and cooking. She is a good teacher! 

Miss Ya told us that a lot people don't do the paste already, everybody is buying the instant one. but by doing it from the scratch, it taste more tasty and you can adjust the the ingredient accordingly. You can store this paste in the fridge up to 6 months. 
Red curry paste and green curry paste. 

 I can now cook Thai food for my family to enjoy. 

Tadaa !! All the food that we cooked. They are super delicious ! Not kidding at all! I will come again soon for my cooking lesson.

I also bought this hat that Miss Ya help other people to sell it, beautiful isn't it ? It's handmade, and it's only 200baht. 

Hope to see you soon Miss Ya. You can check out her website from more info
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After our cooking lesson, we went back to our hotel and then ready for an hour of massaging time. Around 830pm, my boyfriend and I walked from our hotel to Aonang Beach, along the road there are shops selling clothes, bikinis, and accessories. Then we walked until Mcdonald, and we had supper there. I didn't take any of Aonang beach photo, I think I forget to take photos. The wind is so strong that night. After our supper, we went back to our hotel by TukTuk. We called it a day.

Windy night at aonang beach
My Day 1 in Krabi is all about Eat right, where we learn how to cook with real ingredients, and also no Ajinomoto was used in our cooking.Day 2 is coming right up on my next blogpost. 

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