Krabi short getaway Part 2

Hello beautiful, 
I'm going to continue my short getaway to Krabi Day 2 and 3 in this blogpost. 
Day 2 at Krabi supposed to go to Phi Phi Island, Bamboo island, monkey beach, Phi Leh Bay, Viking cave, Loh Saman Bay, and Maya Bay, unfortunately the plan has cancelled due to the weather. Instead of going to island, we went to emerald pool, hot spring and also tiger cave. I kinda sad now because I didn't get the chance to go to any island, but I surely will come back soon for the island. 
We wake up early in the morning and went for our breakfast. 
The pool is just a long the way to the breakfast buffet area. 

The restaurant
The food 

Smile for the food and camera ! I got omelette, pancake potato, and bread. And my favourite from the hotel breakfast buffet is the Pork Porridge.
This is the delicious porridge, if you are staying here at Mercure Krabi Deevana, You have to try this out :) 
Everytime I'm having breakfast buffet I have to eat coco crunch with milk. Do you like coco crunch ? 
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After breakfast, I go back to my hotel room and brought along extra clothes, insect repellent, sunscreen protector, and towel for our Krabi adventure. 

On the way to emerald pool, we stopped by a morning market, and I got myself "pakmoh", rice pancake. You have to try this okay :) They have this strong smell when you chew them which I don't really like but you have to try it!

Yeah! We are finally here at Emerald Pool! 
I love it here, because the you need to walk into the jungle and to get to the beautiful Emerald pool, which is a natural swimming pool, the river is amazingly clear and the surrounding is just a rejuvenation of my mind and body, you can feel the nature here. 
Check out my photos below, you can feel the nature too right  ? 

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After a long walk, clearing my mind and then I'm here at the Emerald pool, you have to be careful when you walk nearby the pool because it is slippery here. Can you imagine yourself swimming in this beautiful clear pool ? It's not too deep. if you don't know how to swim you can still play the water here.
After our swim, we were very hungry and we went for our lunch just outside Emerald Pool. And I had a delicious coconut ice-cream too :) 

Continue reading my part 2 , I went to waterfall hot spring and also krabi town night market.

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