March Travel to Taipei Taiwan Part 2

Hello beautiful, 
I know I'm guilty for not updating quick enough for my March travel to Taipei Part 2. But here I am sitting in front of my computer and started to dig out all the photos and try to think back what's going on the third day at Taipei. 
Third day, Early morning, we wake up and get ready and we took our breakfast standing up at the Ximending street eating Ay Chong flour rice noodle (non halal). I'm missing it right now. 

After we finish our hot bowl of noodles, we walked to the ximending metro station and it was actually raining. I went to buy a small pack of sweet potato ball. It was so delicious.

We took ximending metro to ZhongXia Fuxing Metro station then we came out from Exit 3 we walked to Hello kitty restaurant. 

Finally we are here ! Must go for Hello kitty lover ! 
Unfortunately, the time we arrived there, it's only for dessert time, lunch is not available. 
There is also a minimum charge of Twd300 each person. 

We went up to first floor. 

We ordered Portugese egg tart, latte , chocolate cake and one big cream bun. But they are not like what I expected to taste good. Maybe I'm just too full, so I didn't finish them. But I think my favourite one is the Chocolate cake. 

 This is the first floor dining area.

 Our table and the menu look so pretty !

 A big table for party, you can celebrate your birthday here.

The area where they prepare drinks.

 The counter for payment.

One thing you will notice when you came here #letmetakeaselfie. I just can't help myself to take selfie! 
Before we go to our next destination, I go the toilet and of course I need to take a selfie first. The wash room is so cute ! 

 After Hello kitty restaurant, as we walked back to the metro station, we saw this cute little cafe and it's a cat cafe. What I really like about Taipei is that you can see a lot of cute dogs around, they can bring them out for walk and eat together in a restaurant. Not like Malaysia, I couldn't bring my dog on the street whenever I want.

Hi kitty !

Kitty know how to take selfie !

 I ordered Rose tea and also a salmon salad. They are delicious:) I'm so hungry now.

After our lunch, we took bicycle cycle at the town. You have to get an EASY CARD, and you have to have a Taiwan cellphone number to register in the kiosk. I'm not a good cyclist btw. I literally injured myself.

Then we went to Taipei 101, and we also go up to the observatory. It was night already, the view of course a night view. I wish we were there in the morning so that I can see clearly.  I think we pay for NWT500 for each person. 

Taking welfie while listening to the story of Taiwan from the taipei 101 observatory. The story can be in few languages. They also selling souvenirs up here. I got some magnet for my fridge. 

We got some hello kitty pineapple tart and also a yam tart for Taipei 101 observatory. I highly recommended this brand for the Yam tart, it's super delicious ! I'm craving for it now.

After Taipei 101, we ordered fried chicken at 101 taipei food court before we went to watch our first time ever 4dx movie at Hsin Yi mall just next to Taipei 101. They are crunchy and delicious! 

Then I also had my Takoyaki outside Tsin yi Mall before we went for our movie. Do you notice that we didn't eat much ? We are full the entire day, maybe we are just too excited to walk and look around. 

This is a Vieshow cinema 4dx theater, the chair can mov, they have the same motion according to the movie scene. If lets say someone is punching back, you will feel it too. Then smoke will come out, some water spraying your face, and wind blowing. But it's tiring to watch movie and the chair keep moving, and maybe we are too tired because it was late night movie. I forget the name of the movie we are watching, but its a bout ancient time and the volcano destroy the whole city.

This is how the cinema look like. 

Then after movie we took taxi outside the mall, and went back to our hotel, take a hot shower and sleep. So for our third day at Taipei, we went to Ay Chong flour rice noodle, Hello kitty restaurant, riding Youbike, Taipei 101 and Vieshow Cinema at Hsin Yi. 
Stay tuned to my next part 3 Taipei blogpost.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask in the comment box okay :) 

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