Makeup Expiration dates

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So today I'm cleaning my makeup drawers and I was putting away all the makeup that is expired. You must be wondering how do I know when to throw them away, unless the actually expiration date was on the product packaging. I wanted to share how long I keep my makeup product and when do I actually throw them away meaning that I don't use them already.( I don't throw my makeup product, I just keep them away because I love to keep all my makeup, maybe one day I will throw them away, but for now they are just for collection) 
You might be thinking, it's a waste to throw your makeup product because they are still like new product right? But you have to know when to say goodbye and get a new one because they are full of bacteria. And you must be asking how the bacteria even grow in there? When the applicator come in contact with you directly to your skin, lips or lashes you didn't clean it before you put the applicator back to its tube or packaging so thats how the bacteria breeding inside. Bad makeup products can cause you irritation and breakouts, and it's really bad for your skin. So you don't want to go out and come home with redness o rashes on your skin. 

Let me know how long do you keep your makeup product? 

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