Summer Fashion Must have!

Hello beautiful, 
It's time to go shopping for new clothes? I know here in Malaysia doesn't have weather changes, and we have sunny day 365 days. But let's follow the summer trend now. These are my summer fashion key items, that might give you a guide what to get. Even if you have one of this key items, you good to go and rock your summer :)  So let's get started. 
From left :
Okay, crop top is going to be in your list. If you thinking there is a lot of crop top out there, what kind of crop top should I get ? 
My suggestion would be Tailored fit Crop Tee for this summer. So instead of getting regular tee, you can get a crop tee instead. Crop tee is a tshirt design but without the original length, it feels like you cut is half. 

From left :
Next key item, is either skirts, skorts or shorts. I know some of girls don't like to wear skirts. But for me this summer lets rock mini skirts, especially Mini pleated skirts (fitted or flare), same for skorts (which is a shorts but look like skirt) you want to get with pleated design.  And I'm aware that now seem everybody love knee length skirt, but I would stick to mini skirt for this summer. As for shorts, I think you can get either with lace detail, even better with printed design. 

Cute printed fit and flare dresses is the next key item. Remember that Fit and flare is the type you want to find. The top part is fit and it get flare out bottom. And you can go for plain colour too. 

Drawstring bag is my No1 bag for this summer, they are super cute. The storage of this bag is amazing,  you can put anything inside, you Polaroid camera, your sunglasses, your favourite book, wallet and extra bikini and towel. You can actually make this bag on your own, Stay tuned for my DIY drawstring bag soon:) 

Shoes shoes shoes, look alike birkinstock sandals, will rock your summer. You can pair up with socks too. 
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