7 Essential Shoes For Women

Hello Beautiful, 

What are your essential shoes? I think most of us at least we have two essential shoes that are a must have, but after all we only need one that can protect our feet right. I'm not here to encourage you to spend money on something that you don't need. But there is a lot of shoes at the store, and for those who are wondering what to get,  here I list out seven essential shoes that I think you should have in your shoe cabinet to match up with or play with your style.  Let's see what are my seven essential shoes, they are not in order.

1. Flats - Tory Burch Nappa leather reva ballet shoes
A good and comfortable flats is very hard to find, and I think for every shoes that I buy need time until they become a comfortable shoes. A pair of flats can be wear for work/ casual / party. Although I not a fan of anything without heels or platform that can make me look taller, but sometime I have to give a break and wear flats. You can have either black or nude for essential colours, but I think a dark maroon or blue are nice too. 

2. Flat Sandals - Kate spades Tuccan sandals
It is perfect for weekends, or any casual day. They can be simple but you can also find something with a lot of design with it. I think this is a pair of essential for everyone. 

3. Black Pump - Stuart Weitzman 
From a formal occasion to a party, you can't be wrong with a pair of black pump, you can choose either pointy or rounded toes it all depends on how you choose your outfit. You feel right and you look good, don't worry. 

4. Slip on Sneakers - Michael kors Keaton Haircalf slip on sneakers
I feel young with a pair of sneakers, I choose slip on sneakers because I'm not a fan of shoe laces. A pair of shorts and T-shirts, or  ripped jeans and leather jacket, street style baby :) 

5. Nude Heels- Michaels Kors collection Charlene strappy sandals
Is it a trend or essential ? I think that a nude heels is another pair of essential. Because it is almost the same colour with your skin, so it can match up with any every colour. You can either get it a pointed toes pumps or rounded pump or strappy design that can elongate your legs. 

6. Wedges - Alice + Olivia
This is my favourite type of shoes, because it give me the height and second, it is comfortable to wear than the heels. If you scare of wearing heels but you need the additional height,  this is an option for you, because wedges comes various style with sneakers, pump cover toes, summer style sandal, and also booties. 

7. Statement heels - Giuseppe Zanotti
Okay, maybe some of you not agreed with this one. But this statement pieces, is something that you really really love, if your love sneakers, maybe you can get a limited edition pair of sneakers, but for me,  I love heels so a statement heels is one of my essential, a pair that's stand out among the crowd that is what you can have as your essential. 

Do share with me, what are your essential shoes ? 

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